What to Do if You Suspect Someone of Theft

Have you ever worried about someone stealing right out from under you in the workplace? It’s tough to be in a situation where you work with someone you don’t trust, fearing that they may be stealing from you. There are ways to monitor those people you are suspecting of theft in a safe and legal fashion that will keep you and your fellow co-workers protected. Here are some things to consider to keep things covert, but assure some sense of protection.

Researching Employees


It’s important for any business to know the employees you are hiring, and to make sure they are making a great choice of who to welcome into the workplace. Websites like Go Look Up provides a look into public records, with search options based on name and phone number. This provides a durable option to verify identities through given contact information and addresses. This allows you to size up this information against public records, which could reveal that you are not dealing with the employee that you think you’re dealing with.


Other companies may offer up more complex background checks to determine the criminal past of a potential candidate, from a single charge to a lengthy rap sheet. This will function as the best possible resource to make sure that a candidate can operate within the workplace, and may be trustworthy enough to allow near confidential information or other assets of the business. Costs may vary on these background reports depending on how in-depth of a look a company is seeking.

Theft Prevention Protocols


One of the easiest ways for companies to monitor for potential theft is to establish protocols and regulations that emphasize prevention. For example, retailers will rely on a point-of-sale system to handle transactions, while also managing inventory and stock levels. Employers will have access to a mobile app and web portal that will monitor each cashier shift to get an around-the-clock view of data for the back office. This includes smaller devices in place to keep tabs on how much cash is in the till, compared to how much should be in the drawer at that given time.


This can expand to surveillance cameras that monitor for theft, usually the better choice to make sure that employees are aware that they are being recorded and will be caught. Surveillance footage can be reviewed and provided to a police officer in the event of a criminal investigation. These allow for data to be placed onto a flash drive to be replayed, assuring that there’s enough storage space on the USB sticks. Depending on cost, these cameras have significant video and audio quality that will make for great uses in investigations.

Greater Surveillance Equipment


Theft can happen at a moment’s notice. It’s important to have surveillance equipment that has a greater battery life and is able to be of greater quality. Some businesses do this by monitoring phone calls with the help of a hidden voice recorder for mp3 records. This can alert employers to potential theft on a USB voice recorder. These recorders can disguise, giving peace of mind that there is proper surveillance while also garnering the ability for playback, or even a transcript down the line.


These voice recorders can also zero in on a conversation, working out background noise with sharper sound quality. With designs in mind, a digital voice recorder can be almost microscopic and able to bring tracks in real-time. This kind of covert recording could save your company or those employees thousands of dollars in an instant. With the right recording devices and better background checks, you can feel a lot more at ease with how your business operates daily.

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