The Most Critical Issues with Patients during Diabetes

According to Marham the high intensity of sugar in the body can damage various organs in the long run. However, many preventive measures can be taken to deal with the side effects of this condition.

Complications of Diabetes

There are generally two types of diabetes complications. The one that is produced with time is called chronic complications, and the other ones that can happen at any time are known as acute complications.

Chronic complications

These problems can develop gradually but remain for the long term. They can lead to severe damage if they are not treated on time.

Eye problems

There are few people with the condition of diabetes who develop an eye problem known as diabetic retinopathy, which have a great impact on their eyesight in the long run. That is why people with symptoms may get it checked through an eye screening test. It will help in the timely treatment, and the sight of an individual will be protected.

Foot problems

The foot problems during diabetes are serious as they can lead to complex situations if left on their own. The nerve damage can affect the sensations in your feet, and high sugar can damage the circulation of blood. It makes the healing process of the cuts very slow. Therefore, it is necessary to tell all the updates to your doctor regarding your feet.

Heart attack

People with diabetes who have high blood sugar can lead to damaged blood vessels. It can at times result in heart attacks and severe strokes.

Problems in Kidney

Diabetes can cause severe harm and damage to the kidneys for a long time. It can make it difficult to remove additional fluids and waste from the human body. It is mainly due to high levels o sugar in the bloodstream and high blood pressure. It is commonly known as diabetic nephropathy or, in simple words, kidney disease.

Gum and mouth diseases

The presence of too much sugar in the blood can generate more sugar in the saliva. It helps in bringing bacteria which delivers acid that severely attacks the tooth enamel and damages the entire gums. Due to this, the blood vessels in the gums become damaged, which makes it easy to get infections.

Nerve damage

People with high blood sugar levels may develop damage to the nerves. It becomes difficult for the nerves to move messages between the brain and other parts of the body. It also affects the mechanisms of seeing, hearing, and feeling things in the human body.

Sexual problems

The blood vessels get damaged due to the high amount of sugar in the bloodstream. As a result, the blood vessels can limit the amount of blood streaming to the sexual organs. So, if you have high blood sugar, you are also more probably to get a urinary tract infection. When the amount of blood rushing to the sexual organs becomes limited, it may cause difficulty getting aroused properly. Therefore, it may lead to erectile dysfunction as well.


If an individual has the condition of diabetes, he is more likely to develop certain cancers. As a result, there are some treatments for cancer that can affect the condition of diabetes and make it more difficult to control the sugar in the bloodstream.

Acute complications

These are the types of diabetes that can happen at any time and may lead to chronic and long-term difficulties in the human body.

  • Hypos: It is when the level of sugar in the bloodstream is too little.
  • Hypers: This is a condition when the body produces too much sugar, and the intensity becomes too high.
  • Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State: It is considered a life-threatening condition that only occurs in people with type 2 diabetes. That is why it is important to stay hydrated, drink lots of water or take in Hydration Boost. You may check this website.
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis: It is a life-threatening emergency where the absence of insulin and the presence of high blood sugars leads to the accumulation of ketones in the body.


The idea of prevention is always better than long going treatments. That is why you may try to keep normal sugar in the blood. The blood pressure and fats must be under proper control as it will help to reduce the risk of developing further complications. But it would help if you take action timely, and mainly it is about managing the condition of diabetes well.

Manage the diabetes

When the sugar levels in the blood start to increase, you may talk to your doctor as the treatment needs to be changed. It is important to keep your doctor updated as a new set of medications are mandatory in managing diabetes.

Eat healthily

The choice of healthy foods helps in losing additional weight. It also helps in managing additional weight and blood pressure. The fats in the blood get reduced when you start to eat healthy food.

Quit smoking

The habit of smoking is not good for the body at all. Smoking makes it more difficult for blood to rush around the whole body to important organs like the heart. That is why it is essential to quit smoking, as it helps in reducing your chances of diabetes complications.

It is always better to consult professionals for the right guidance. Book your appointment now with the best Endocrinologist in Peshawar for more information.

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