5 Health Benefits Of Massage Oil

Massage oil is a general term for a great variety of oils made from vegetables, seeds, and nuts. As the name implies, massage therapists use it to make massaging patients an easy task. But the thick liquid can also contain aromas that help relax and alleviate tension or pain.

Among the many types of massage oils, we find:

  • Aloe Vera Oil, which has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.
  • Argan Oil for smooth, hydrated skin.
  • Chamomile oil. When diluted in a carrier oil, it calms skin inflammation.
  • Jojoba Oil, regarded as a moisturizer.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a quality blend of healthy fatty acids.
  • Sesame Oil to increase skin elasticity.
  • Sweet Almond Oil has no scent. So, it is the ideal carrier oil for essential oils.


5 Things You Should Know About Massage Oils

1.    They Loosen Up The Muscles

When massaging the skin, friction generates heat. Choosing a massage oil or a combination of oils help the massage therapist’s hand slide over the patient’s body. Plus, it prevents skin from drying up when generating heat. On the contrary, the oil creates a barrier that locks the heat in and reduces water evaporation, keeping the patient’s skin smooth.


2.    Ideal Product For Beginners

Massage therapists use professional massage oils on the skin with their hands or while wearing gloves. For clarity, professionals wear gloves to protect their fingers from getting dry over time. Mainly because the sebaceous glands on the fingers can stop working when constantly covered in oil. As the skin naturally absorbs every liquid on it, a therapist only needs a few drops of oil to start massaging and only need to reapply the liquid as necessary.


3.    Massage Oil Hydrates And Treats The Skin

In general terms, massage oil moisturizes the skin. So, most people use them to keep their skin moist and smooth. In fact, you can feel your skin hydrated even 48 hours after getting a massage with oils or using massage oils for skincare.

4.    Great For Relieving Fatigue And Pain

Thanks to gliding strokes on deep tissue, massage oil allows for pure physical relaxation during a massage. Without it, muscles may remain tense. At the same time, different oils have several vitamins and beneficial omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids. They can also carry aromas for easing mental stress.


5.    Perfect For Aromatherapy Or Post-workout Routines

Massage oil is versatile. You can use it after a workout to help you cool down. For example, rubbing your tired muscles with Arnica oil help them recover faster. As mentioned, oils are great for therapy. But you can also mix it with a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the evening to unwind while you watch the telly and massage your weary feet.



Massage oil is a fantastic tool to make any massage worth the time it takes. Thanks to a vast array of oils, it is possible to create different blends to suit different scenarios. Professional masseurs use it consistently and mix it with essential oil and aromas. The more oils you combine, the greater the benefits. After all, you increase their moisturizing potential by adding precious properties that can help combat skin inflammation or make the skin smoother and more hydrated for even more spectacular results.

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