Online betting in India — actual trends and the forecast for the next years

Online betting is noticeably grown over the last few years. And today all the sports betting fans cab chose between hundreds of sportsbooks that offer some really good terms for the bets making. But also with that number of the sportsbooks here in India, almost every day appeared new websites with even more wide lines and the higher odds. And that’s not all because the sportsbooks like offer a great choice of bonuses and personal promo offers. With that bonus activation, bettors could get some free money for even more profitable betting and the new strategies testing. 

The betting perspective in India — online betting advantages

As you can see there are lots of important reasons for the high popularity of online betting. Also, that’s why experts are sure that by the end of 2022 the whole bet amount will be more than $5 billion and that number will be growing, because of the increase in active users that can be tracked each day. According to the statistics every day the number of active bettors here in India is increasing by 30-40%. And that trend can be founded not just in online betting but also in gambling which is highly popular today too. 

For a better understanding of this situation read some main online betting advantages:

  • Saving time and energy
  • The simple access to all the bets and bonuses 24/7
  • Wide betting line and a great selection of markets
  • High odds and the opportunity to bet on popular events in LIVE 
  • Free broadcasts and forecasts 

Also, many of the bettors chose online betting because there in that format there are no requirements for the office of the sportsbook visiting. All the bettor will need for profitable online betting is a device with a connection to the internet.

Main reasons for the high online betting popularity — why the betting market is growing so fast

The whole of India’s betting market size will be increased in the next few years. The main reason for that is the fact that today almost all the citizens here have their smartphones so they can start betting anytime they want. Also, it should be noted that the number of sportsbooks is increasing and each of them is trying to offer their client the best terms for online betting. Because of the simple access to the betting line and FREE money that can be gotten with the bonus activating every day more and more people want to try their luck and use the knowledge about some sports discipline for the real winnings generation. 

Also, the online betting market will be growing next years because of the great choice of payment methods that already can be founded via the sportsbooks websites. And for the last year that list was replenished with the new popular payment methods (such as crypto wallets and the internet-banking). And there are not just the new payment methods were added but the additional disciplines as well. For sure the NO.1 sport in India is cricket but the popularity of the E-sport is growing each day.

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