9 Ways To Help an Alcohol Addict

If you have a loved one who’s suffering from alcohol addiction, you may be wondering what you can do to help them get their life back on track. This disease is insidious in nature, and the sufferer often has no idea they have a problem. They may not realize their behavior has caused you to suffer or struggle either. But you can take action to help your loved one. Here are a few ways you can do so:

1) Educate Yourself

Alcoholism is a disease that thrives on silence. So the first thing you should do is learn as much about alcoholism as possible. Learn how to spot a potential problem, and what interventions might help your loved one, so that when the time comes, you’re prepared.

2) Get Professional Help

If you suspect your loved one has a problem, then you need professional help. Educate yourself about what resources are available in your community and how they might be able to assist you. If the first few resources don’t bear fruit, keep looking until you find people who can help. If you’re in the area, then visiting the Pinnacle Recovery Center can be a great idea.

3) Don’t Take Their Behavior Personally

When someone is suffering from alcoholism, they’re not usually in control of their behavior. This means the way they treat you might often be inappropriate or even detrimental to your relationship. The best thing you can do is remove yourself from the situation if it becomes too emotionally difficult for you to handle.

4) Set Boundaries

Alcoholics will often try to make their loved ones enablers of their addiction. They may start lying or withholding information in order to get in the way of your helping them. It’s important that you set boundaries with the alcoholic in your life so they understand your limits and how far you’re willing to go to help them.

5) Look After Yourself

You can’t help your loved one if you’re suffering from your own problems. So it’s important that you focus on yourself and take care of yourself during this period. Seek comfort from your friends, family members, and even a therapist. Be aware of the signs of stress overload, and be sure to care for yourself in whatever ways you need.

6) Don’t Use Anger

Many loved ones of alcoholics use anger as a way to motivate themselves to help their loved one. This is not the best motivation you can have, and it’s sure to burn you out. You need to use your anger in healthy ways that can help you be there for your loved one without losing yourself in the process.

7) Learn About Co-Dependency

It’s easy to fall into the trap of being a co-dependent when you’re trying to help an alcoholic in your life. It’s important that you learn more about this issue so you can avoid it, or deal with it properly if you find yourself suffering from it.

8) Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help for Yourself

Being a loved one of an alcoholic can be emotionally draining. So it’s important that you get help if you’re suffering from the effects of this relationship. And remember, your own problems need to take priority over helping your loved one with theirs. You must learn how to care for yourself first and foremost.

9) Be Patient

Getting an alcoholic to admit they have a problem, and then getting them the help they need takes time. You can’t rush this process as it is one that has to happen organically. All you can do is take care of yourself, be patient, and make sure the alcoholic knows you’re there to support them.

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