Here’s What This Surgery Really Is?

Thankfully, nowadays, there are several treatments available in the market that can address excess facial fat. Buccal fat removal is arguably the most popular one. Under this surgery, the appearance of prominent cheeks is improved by permanently removing fat pads from the face. This reduces the size of the cheeks as well as produces more defined facial contours. It is a minor surgery, so typically only needs local anesthesia. The best thing about this treatment is that it produces natural-looking, permanent results, excess fat do not appear again. But please note that the results appear slowly, not until all the swelling has subsided.

Who should consider this treatment?

Chipmunk cheeks can be very disheartening, particularly since the face is considered an important component of the identity. It is given a lot of importance in our society. In some cases, the problem of chipmunk cheeks can be resolved through dietary changes and exercising but in most instances, excess facial fat cannot be prevented. Anyhow, you should seek outside help in that situation.


There are many Advantages of Buccal Fat Removal. Let’s discuss a few important ones.

A Permanent Solution

One of the biggest advantages of this surgery is that the upshots are permanent. Further patients only need to take just a single session to achieve the desired outcome. Once you obtain the final results, they stay forever. This means that unlike other excess facial fat treatments that require a lot of sessions to produce the desired changes, this is the most cost-effective.

Improved Facial Appearance

Sufferers that seek out this surgery will often tell you their chipmunk cheeks leave them feeling less empowered. This procedure will treat those chubby cheeks permanently, thus improving facial profile as well as self-esteem.

One-time Treatment

This is another important benefit of this surgical treatment. It requires just 40-60 minutes, a one-time operation to leave the patient with an angular face. This might be because in cosmetic surgeries the doctor targets the root cause of the problem to produce a permanent outcome instantly.

Easy Maintenance

If you get this surgery done by one of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons then you probably won’t face any complication. Further, the recovery will be quite easy and simple afterward. Within just 48 hours, you’ll be able to wash your face as you used to do. Also, you can resume your household chores but the condition is that you be gentle and a little careful. Just two days following the surgery will be critical. You should limit strenuous exercises and take off from work these days.

Completely natural results

Besides, the surgery is now so advanced that it typically produces extremely natural-looking results. The surgeon carefully and precisely removes fat pads from the face to produce natural thin cheeks that complement your features. However, full removal of fat is a lot better than reducing to some extent.

Cost-effective Solution

While most cosmetic surgeries tend to be a bit costly, it is not too expensive. This is because the treatment is typically completed in just one setting, you don’t have to spend money again and again on additional sessions.

What makes a bad candidate?

It is worth understanding the things that make the bad candidate. However, such types of candidates are a lot easier to describe.

They aren’t honest with the doctor and do not have good health. However, it will be all your loss to hide something from your practitioner, as you will suffer complications due to them. So, speaking with the doctor honestly about the health conditions that you have is really important. Tell him your medical history, current medications, and allergies (if any).

Why Is It Important to See A Professional?

When it’s about surgical treatments, you should leave them to experienced practitioners. Seeing a professional helps ensure instant, fast and long-term results without complications.

What is its success rate?

For people opting for this treatment, it will be a huge, major life-changing decision. But the good news is that the average success rate of this surgery is around 95%.

Wrapping Up

While chubby and plump cheeks look cute at a young age but when we get older and still have them, it starts annoying us. Buccal fat removal, an amazing cosmetic procedure, is designed especially for overcoming this issue. In this surgical procedure, fat is excised, cheeks are sculpted, eventually producing a pleasing facial contour. As it is not a major surgery so the doctor may do it in local anesthetic. and can be done at a surgical center Subsequently, recovery after the surgery will also be easy and short-term. In general, most patients fully recover within a week. Please also note that it produces permanent results, so you won’t be able to reverse the changes once made. Also, every patient has to fulfill the eligibility criteria associated with this surgery. The surgeon will talk about this aspect in the initial consultation session.

For more information about Advantage of Buccal Fat Removal Dubai, or to explore alternatives seeing an expert is best.

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