5 Popular Puppy Toys That May Not Last Long!

What if you brought home a pile of fresh dog toys for your pup only to have them in bits and pieces in a couple of minutes to days of using them? It sounds like an expensive affair, right? If you have not made wise toy shopping choices in the past, don’t worry; the next time you head to purchase puppy playthings, prioritize the quality, safety, and excitement levels it can offer your fur baby.

A durable puppy toy may not be easily ripped apart, thereby keeping your pupper potentially safe from ingesting non-edible things. You must know that swallowing plastics and other scraps can block your pup’s gastrointestinal tract, due to which they may suffer stomach upsets, appetite loss, cramps in the abdomen, etc. They can even cause accidental choking and strangulation. Distressing times like these call for emergency vet visits.

Pet insurance for dogs can help you provide your pet with superior medical care at affordable costs. You can consider cheap dog insurance and other higher pet insurance plans with broader health benefits to possibly make significant savings on your puppy’s vet bills for covered health conditions and emergencies.

While you weigh up pet insurance policies, consider the below-mentioned toys that your happy tail and four paws can destroy in just a few moments of handling.

Puppy toys that rarely last long

We have already mentioned the rationale behind the need to buy pet toys that aren’t flimsy, have no strings, or don’t fall apart. Now, read on to know a few popular puppy toys that can be quickly destroyed and pose serious health risks to your furry companion.

1.Squishy toys

Squishies can be appealing, comforting to touch, and help your pup relieve stress and anxiety. While plush puppy toys can be made to resist rough play, some squishy toys can be soft and convenient to tear and scatter the plastic pellets or polyfill stuffed inside them. Your puppy can quickly access the synthetic toy fillers and swallow them within no time.

2.Squeaky dolls

Your pup may enjoy the little sounds emanating from cutesy toys when pressed. However, these stuffed dolls can be easily dismantled. A puppy keen on playing with its inanimate prey may tear it apart in less than a few seconds and pull out the tiny squeaker component. Gulping this itty-bitty object can obstruct your pup’s GI tract or windpipe, leading to a choking hazard.

3.Rope toys

Ropes can be easily shredded into itsy-bitsy pieces. They stand tall as one of the fastest destroyable puppy toys. Ropes are usually used to play tug of war with furry pets joining one of the human teams. While threaded cotton rope can wear and tear easily, the heavy-duty synthetic threads can severely damage your furry baby’s teeth and gums when they pull it forcefully.

4.Rawhide dental chews

Rawhide and many animal-based chews may engage your pup, yet they rarely last long. These chews don’t survive beyond a few puppy bites. In the process, your fur baby may gulp it and suffer a GI obstruction or choking issue. Also, regular chomping may add more calories in a day.

5.Tennis balls

Tearing a tennis ball into two pieces can be a simple task for your puppy. Your furry baby may carry it in its little mouth and bite it down constantly. The inside and outside materials can be highly toxic to your pup, which is why it is best not to allow them to have a ball for themselves to play with when you are not watching them.

It is best to avoid giving your pup dog toys that wear out soon or are made of dangerous materials. In any case, have pet insurance for dogs so you can be prepared for medical financial emergencies. With cheap dog insurance, your puppy can be covered for diagnosis and treatment during accidents, injuries, and pet health emergencies. So, why not consider buying a pet plan?

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