Longboard vs Skateboard – Similarities and Differences

On the off chance that you don’t know much with regards to skateboards or longboards, it very well might be precarious to differentiate between them. In all honesty, the two sheets have various employments.

While picking which could be best for you to ride, contemplate the primary explanation you need: would you like to shred half-lines or fly downhill? We’ll investigate the distinctions between them to assist with settling the skateboard versus longboard banter.

To truly comprehend the distinction between a Longboard vs Skateboard, we should plunge into their set of experiences. Surfers in the mid-1950s cherished the sensation of getting waves such a lot that they needed this equivalent experience ashore during level days.

After getting a wooden board, removing a leading group of it, and staying a few wheels under, the skateboard was conceived. At the point when skateboarders understood these sheets were excessively tremendous and level to nail stunts on, they made them more modest.

By the 1990s, surfers understood the board was too little to even think about cruising on and didn’t ride like a surfboard any longer. Yet again they changed the plan and size of the skateboard to become what we currently know about as a longboard.

Shape and Size

Assuming you put a longboard and skateboard next to each other, you’ll see the way level the nose and tail of the longboard are. On a skateboard, you’ll see to a greater degree a bend on its nose and tail to make it simpler to land deceives and flips.

It should be nothing unexpected that longboards are, obviously, longer. They can be up to 59 inches, while the run-of-the-mill skateboard is around 36 inches. Here’s the place where it gets befuddling: longboards additionally come in sizes as little as 28 inches long. Assuming the length trips you up, simply recollect the vital contrast between the two is that longboards are level and skateboards bend. In this way, assuming you see a level, more limited board, it’s likely only a short longboard.

Deck Flexibility

For any new skaters out there, the deck is the foundation of your board. On the off chance that you want to learn new deceives, you need your board to be more slender, significance it’ll have flex. The flex of your board is its firmness. You don’t need the flex to be too delicate except if you’re participating in smooth cruising. For deceives, you need your adaptability to be either delicate or medium, which gives you a little security and a spring-like feel to take leaps simpler to nail.

Numerous longboards are worked to acquire the most extreme speed as you race downhill. To keep you consistent, longboards for the most part have thicker decks with low flex to help you during the ride.

Trucks and Wheels

The two skateboards and longboards have wheels appended, however, the base that is connecting them is known as the truck. It searches and works diversely for the two sheets. On a skateboard, the trucks are inflexible and smaller, making it simpler to crush and land stunts of your decision. They’re likewise a similar size as the greatest width of the skateboard’s deck.

Longboards have a more adaptable truck to give you a smoother ride, which is ideally suited for longboarders who need to voyage for significant distances or race downhill. Longboards additionally hold more extensive trucks that normally measure around 150 millimeters to 180 millimeters.

For quicker and smoother rides, the wheels of a longboard are enormous and delicate. Skateboards have more modest and harder wheels to make it more straightforward to shred rails, edges, and holes. Assuming you plan to simply voyage on your board, gentler wheels give a smoother and more planned ride.


On the off chance that you want to learn and dominate new deceives however you’ve never ventured foot on a skateboard, attempt a longboard first. Since they’re bigger and more steady, they’re simpler to adjust on. When you get more certain on a longboard, change to a skateboard, and show yourself how to adjust better on a more modest board.

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