Ideas to Fit a Fireplace in Your Living Room

Nothing can overpower the warmth, coziness, and charm of the wonderful fireplace. This looks more enticing when the weather outside is cold and there is a crackling fire inside the house. However, to make it look more attractive you have to make sure that the arrangement of furniture goes well with it. 

Otherwise, sometimes these beautiful architectural pieces may put a dent in your furniture arrangement. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make use of and enjoy a comfy fireplace along with the beautifully decorated and arranged living room. You can learn better ideas in this article. To learn more, stick with us. 

  1. Arranging Furniture With A Corner Fireplace 

Get imaginative with corner fireplaces as well as the furniture layout. You should measure every piece’s length and width. After that use the painter’s tape to outline the various furniture pieces in your desired arrangement. In case you have a corner fireplace in your home then try to make it a focal point of your living room. 

You must emphasize arranging your furniture around it in a balanced way. Painter’s tape would help you in establishing whether or not you leave adequate legroom for moving in-between pieces, as relocating painter’s tape is certainly faster and easier than moving large furniture pieces.

  1. A Fireplace In An Open Living Room

If you have a room that is too big then you must furnish it in a way that is easier for you. Define the space by arranging things around the fireplace. Place a rug in a way that it borders your furnishing lines. However, make sure that you benefit from the heaps of legroom by pulling furniture away from the walls, creating little conversation zones/nooks with chaises around a stylish coffee table, etc. 

In case your living room is long then avoid an elongated look of a hallway by beginning with your smaller pieces like bookcases, accent tables, ottomans, etc. Put clever thought into where you scatter them around the room as they can help provide a sense of space without crowding the room.

  1. A Small Living Room And A Center Fireplace

While you are planning to have things around the fireplace then you must focus on comfy seating. In the center of the fireplace, you can put gravel to give classic vibes. Instead of choosing one sofa, you can choose the option of love seating with two accent chairs. It will cover more legroom but still, the result will be worth it and more inviting. You can even ditch the end tables which you put around the sofa. 

Instead, you can put one accent table and on top of it you can place a lamp or vase. No matter whether you have a small living room or a big one, your arrangement can make the place look cozy yet spacious. Even a small place can be decorated better than the bigger one. 

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