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Essential Brand Elements Recommended by Branding Agencies in London

Branding agencies in London offer services that provide everything you need to build a strong successful brand, but do you know what they do? Unique company branding is a very important part of any successful company.

Here we explain and look into recommended essential brand elements that can transform your business and make it stand out.

Your brand identity:

Let’s begin with the basics, your brand identity.

Your brand identity is the name of your business and it is what makes your brand easily recognisable. In other words, your identity is how people recognise your company and what you sell. When considering brand identity it also includes your logo and a simple tag line.

One of the most famous of all sneaker companies is Nike and the company is instantly recognisable by its tick logo along with the slogan “Just Do It”, no company name is required. This proves how valuable brand identity is.

Do you think you already have the branding you need? Think again

You might think you have all the company branding in place that you need. After all, you already have a logo, a good tagline, website and business card. However, professional branding agencies in London will tell you that strong company branding is so much more than just this.

In fact, if all you have is the above, you are missing out and need to consider other key elements that branding agencies in London typically offer in their services.

Does your brand have a personality?

All human beings have a distinct personality, it is what makes them unique and individualises them. As you want your business to stand out above competitors your brand must have a personality too.

Now you might be asking how a business can have a personality. Well, consider the brand name examples below and their personality:

  • Jeep – this brand name is known for its ruggedness. It shouts out toughness, sturdiness and reliability;
  • Disney – Sincerity is the brand’s personality. It has elements of honesty, wholesomeness and family orientated;
  • Redbull – is known as being exciting. The elements of the company include daring, high spirited and lively;
  • Apple – has a sophisticated personality. It is associated with being upper class, good looking and well made.

The personality of your brand should be reflected in every element, including your logo, the colours associated with your brand, typography used on your website, stationery etc. and more.

How does your brand stand out?

Unless you are lucky enough that your company offers something totally unique, you are going to have competition. So, how do you make sure that people choose you over everyone else?

You have to determine what it is that you can offer that your competitors do not, however big or small, and make sure that people know about it.

A good example of how a brand stands out is Dell computers. Many companies out there sell computers so how does Dell differ? They sell computers but they stand out as customers can choose the components they want in that computer, essentially tailoring and assembling a bespoke machine exactly how they want it. Therefore, the company stands out from those that only offer ready-made machines.

How are your communication skills?

Communicating with your customers and potential customers is crucial as professional branding agencies in London will tell you. There are various ways of communication with the most popular being ads, brochures, billboard hoardings, social media and video.

Other valuable types of communication include a forum, Q&A section on your website and 24/7 customer service with real agents.

Any of the best branding agencies in London will tell you that one essential thing to consider is that whatever form of communication is used to grow your brand it has to be clear in the core benefits offered.

Keep your promises:

If you are going to make promises to customers you must deliver on those promises every time.

For instance, you might offer a 100% 30-day refund with no questions asked on your services or products. In this case, you should stick with that promise and give that refund without any hassle to the customer.

Before rushing into making brand promises you need to give careful consideration to what not only customers but also employees and partners expect when interacting with your company.

All of your business decisions should then be weighed up against the promise you made so that it reflects that promise and certainly doesn’t contradict it. Breaking promises or misleading is the quickest way to earn distrust from customers.

Stick to your brand image:

When you think about a soft drink and the Coke-Cola brand you immediately think about the red wording and black bottle. When you see the iconic bottle shape or can you know without a doubt that the soft drink is from that company. This is an image brand.

The image brand is the image that people get in their heads related to a specific company.

Another distinctive brand image is that of Rolls Royce. Not specifically the logo, colouring or slogan, but the brand image of the company is one of prestige and luxury. When people shop with the brand they expect to pay a premium for that luxury and don’t expect to purchase a budget vehicle.

To summarise:

These are just a few of the many essential brand elements that combine in an effective branding strategy offered by the best branding agencies in London.

As one of the leading brand agencies, we have a creative team of experts who expand to suit every project. We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to offer you a personal service. Our experienced creatives are on hand to offer you guidance and advice throughout the process to ensure your company is not just another name added to our impressive client list.

Whether you want a new identity and rebranding or you are just starting your business and want to implement a brand strategy to get off on the right footing, contact us, we can help.

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