Darren And Mike Dream Team: The Role of Marketing Consultants

Role of a Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant helps businesses recognize the most effective marketing strategies that can be adopted for their products and services via a plethora of different and ever-evolving digital technologies.

A digital or online marketing consultant’s crucial role is to develop practical online marketing strategies to help businesses and organizations achieve their respective goals. The Darren and Mike Dream Team has been helping businesses level up their marketing efforts; with many years of experience, they love to help others.

To do this, Mike and Darren, as consultants typically carry out various tasks, including supervising the client’s existing marketing campaigns (online or otherwise), researching the client’s niche, and identifying the top pain points in the industry.

They also analyze analytics for monitoring customer/prospect engagement, identify the key performance indicators of a business, find ways to improve the client’s on-page and off-page SEO performance, and ensure that the client has a user-friendly, attractive, and engaging website and more.

We can thus see that the role of a digital marketing consultant in many ways overlaps with that of a general business consultant, especially regarding researching and analyzing the client’s business and current state.

Also, like a good business consultant, any outstanding digital marketing consultant must possess excellent problem-solving, analytical, and organizational skills.

These are the foundation for drafting an effective digital marketing strategy for the client. Darren and Mike’s digital business skills will help any business level up.

But what separates them from traditional business consultants and makes digital marketing consulting a highly specialized profession is the knowledge a digital marketing consultant needs to have about all the various digital marketing tools, technologies, and strategies.

Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant can help a business grow and perform various tasks. These include:

  • Crafting proper digital/online marketing strategies based on the client’s business models.
  • Determining what business model will be most suitable for start-ups.
  • Performing SEO audits to recognize issues adversely affecting the clients’ search engine performance.
  • Taking stock of a client’s marketing budget and allocating different marketing expenses accordingly.
  • Evaluating a business’s target audience or demographics to determine what social media channels work best for customer engagement.
  • Helping clients build attractive and user-friendly websites and apps, if necessary.
  • Giving sound advice on creating website content that translates into great UX.
  • Calculating a business’s return on ad spend and comparing it with industry averages.
  • Identifying new opportunities, pathways, and technologies for greater customer engagement.
  • Evaluating a client’s current online marketing strategy and suggesting necessary improvements.

Darren and Mike Dream Team

Darren and Mike’s dynamic online mentor duo has created quite a ripple in the online business world in the last few years.

The mentoring program created by Mike and Darren for online business owners has reportedly transformed the lives of many people who wanted to break free from the monotony of their regular jobs and find a good work-life balance by managing their online businesses.

Now, this is little surprise, given that both Mike and Darren began their journey as online entrepreneurs with the same aspirations. Back in 2015, Mike was working as a business coach while Darren had a high-profile job in the online business world.

Although both were highly successful in their respective careers and their jobs were extremely rewarding financially, both still felt that they were not leading the kind of life they wanted and were eager for a change. This triggered their decision to embark on the path of independent entrepreneurship and start their online business mentoring, Darren and Mike Dream Team.

Darren and Mike MLM

Accordingly, as entrepreneurs, they chose the MLM business model and started their MLM program. According to their admission, although both were familiar with the business and the marketing world, finding success through the MLM model did not come easy.

First, they had to acquire the skills set required of an exemplary network marketer, which needed dedication, stamina, and the willingness to learn and keep learning more. It must also be mentioned here that Darren and Mike’s MLM program was part of the Enagic MLM.

Although Enagic offers excellent products, they are also costly. Accordingly, making sales was complex for those high-price items.

This meant that the duo had to hone their network marketing skills to the point they could perform regular sales and make their MLM business profitable. This added challenge equipped them with the skills and knowledge that few network marketers had.

Darren and Mike Online Business Mentoring Program

Therefore, many have the opinion that the Darren and Mike online mentoring program’s high efficacy is primarily due to the duo’s background in the MLM business. Darren and Mike state much when they say they had put everything they had learned while running their successful business into creating their digital marketing mentoring program.

As for the program itself, it is created to help online businesses of many different models. Some people wrongly assume that since Mike and Darren were successful MLM marketers, the program only teaches the skills needed to succeed in an MLM business model.

The program can be seen as a substitute for hiring a digital marketing consultant for one’s business. This is because the mentoring system provides the participants with a clear vision for their business model and, in addition to its essential, detailed step-by-step coaching, creates a personalized success plan for each participant.

The online business owners who join Darren and Mike’s online business mentoring program get to learn many different things to help their business.

Some of these include learning the tools and technologies relevant to their specific business models, receiving hands-on training on lead magnet advertising, giving access to the duo’s proven sales funnel systems, and being taught how to build compelling websites and apps for optimum customer engagement.

Finally, all participants receive lifetime access to Mike and Darren’s live mastermind coaching sessions conducted weekly. All current and former participants can discuss their challenges and obstacles and seek practical advice from The Darren and Mike Dream Team.

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