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Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is the world’s most widely accepted and respected first English teaching credential. Quality and certification are assured thanks to the University of Cambridge’s English Language Assessment (CELTA). More than 10,000 individuals per year complete CELTA certification.

A ‘TEFL’ course, the CELTA?

A ‘TEFL’ certificate or certification may be confusing and deceptive, so be careful what you read. TEFL is not the name of a single course; instead, it is a concept. TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), ESL (English as a Second Language), and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are only a few of the numerous varieties of TESL. Many additional so-called ‘TEFL certifications’ are not supervised or verified by big, independent organisations, whether they are obtained online or in person. Upon entering the workforce, you’ll discover that it isn’t universally accepted. The CELTA that most companies are searching for when they ask for it in their job adverts.

Five reasons to take the CELTA course are listed here:

  • The most sought-after certification for TEFL positions across the globe is the CELTA.
  • Every time a course is offered, the University of Cambridge moderates it. “
  • Trainers at well-established CELTA centres are highly certified and experienced.
  • The British Curriculum Authority recognises it as a Level 5 Qualification. Therefore it adheres to an approved curriculum.
  • With the CELTA, you’ll get the opportunity to practise teaching English to real students in a real classroom.

What are CELTA’s main objectives?

  • CELTA teaches students how to use their understanding of language and the description of English in professional contexts.
  • People’s reasons for learning English and the instructor and learner’s responsibilities are examined.
  • She has an understanding of how to teach English to non-native speakers effectively.
  • Skills needed to educate pupils in the language classroom
  • Teaching, assessing, and referencing in English requires familiarity with appropriate resources and materials.
  • Opportunities for advancement in your subject of study (for example, job searches, professional development etc.)

Is a CELTA certificate enough to get you a job?

It is the most sought-after qualification in teaching English as a second language (TEFL). More than 70% of job postings expressly ask for the CELTA, according to a study performed by Cambridge English in 2015. There were 350 mentions to CELTA in 500 adverts from 23 international job search websites in 56 countries. CELTA certification was sought after by 91% of employers in the United Kingdom alone!

In addition, there is a section of the course entirely devoted to career development and finding a job after graduation. Other institutions typically seek out CELTA-qualified instructors via job listings and personal connections at the schools they attend. For trained English instructors looking for employment online, TEFLwork is an excellent resource.

Getting Ready to Take the CELTA Course

If you’ve been accepted into the CELTA programme, you’ll likely have a few weeks or months until you begin your training. Don’t squander these precious resources! Preparedness may make the difference between a stressful and costly fail grade or a tolerable and joyful pass. Even while it seems dramatic now, you could regret not taking advantage of the calm before the storm when you’re managing input sessions, written assignments, and an average of 20 hours of homework per week.

  • Let everyone know that you will be unavailable for the duration of your CELTA course so they can plan accordingly. In particular, this is true for drinking friends and romantic partners. Make every effort to avoid being available throughout your CELTA month (if you’ve chosen the intense course option). On the other hand, you may want to spend some quality time with your family and friends before the course begins.
  • This course doesn’t expect you to have an excellent grasp of English grammar. Still, you will teach actual students how to conceptualise the distinction between tenses, nouns, and verb types. Even if you memorise half of the tenses before the course starts, imagine how much simpler your CELTA experience will be.
  • Get some shut-eye: For the next four weeks, you’ll be working almost nonstop, so find a way to relax on the inside that works for you. Even though you may not be incredibly spiritual, make extra time with your kid and even go fishing.

Keep Yourself Healthy: If you want to prevent being sick, don’t forget to take vitamins, drink enough water, get plenty of rest, and get some fresh air

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