7 Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Kids While Working From Home

There was a time when I believed that working from home with children was an unachievable dream.

As a mother of three, I always envied parents who worked with their children at home.

How could they possibly get anything done with the continual bombardment of sibling conflicts, interruptions, and snack demands?

Then came COVID-19, and all of my preconceived assumptions about working from home with kids were put to the test in a very real and very difficult way.

I’m aware that I’m not alone. So, I have chalked out some fun ways to spend time with kids as some parents are still going through the WFH phase.

7 Fun Ways To Spend Time With Kids In Remote Working?

When you work from home, you are bound to get disturbed by your kids at some point in the day. This is why we have shed light on some fun ways to spend time with kids in remote work so that they also get a chance to be with you.

1: Increase Screen Time

Consider tossing screen time constraints out the window right now, regardless of how much you might want to limit your screen time.

There’s nothing like a movie marathon to keep the kids occupied while providing you with some uninterrupted work time.

Screen time does not have to be limited to foolish cartoons and comedies.

There are many educational options for kids to binge-watch. You can download some good movies for them from The Pirate Bay and keep them hooked to the screen.

2: Organize Scavenger Hunt

This is an excellent method to keep the kids occupied while you finish a project or converse on the phone.

Make a scavenger hunt around a theme, like pirates looking for treasure, a mystery adventure, or a jungle hunt. Allow the children to investigate the house or yard for things and clues that will lead them to the next step.

Alternatively, you might make a list of things to look for around the house and have the kids cross them off as they locate them.

Finding various types of leaves might be part of an easy-to-prepare outdoor scavenger hunt. However, photo scavenger hunts are an excellent solution if things are tough to obtain.

3: Create A Playtime schedule

Set out a time frame for when you’re most productive, and utilize that time to play with your kids.

Set aside a few toys that your children will only be able to play with at this time.

Alternatively, plan a playdate “swap,” in which you and other working parents alternate who watches the kids at their house and who works alone at yours.

You can create this schedule during your lunch hours or in the afternoon when your work pressure is a little less.

4: Create Craft Projects

Craft projects, which are enjoyable for children of all ages, can inspire creativity and imagination, resulting in hours of quiet time for work-at-home parents, even when their children are there.

Collect items from dollar stores and yard sales throughout the year and store them in a bin or basket in your workspace.

Crayons, glitter, glue, fabric scraps, paper, cotton balls, feathers, and anything else your children can use to create original works of art are welcome in this game.

You can also include objects such as straws, paper towel rolls, paperclips, scratch paper, and other household goods.

5: Put Them In A Playpen

If your child is old enough, don’t be afraid to put them in a playpen with some toys.

You can keep an eye on what’s going on by placing the playpen near where you work.

With this setup, you can cross a few items off your to-do list while your kid is safe and entertained.

Alternatively, an activity mat can be used for babies who aren’t yet mobile but need something to do. Attach a couple of toys to the arches or the carpet and let your child bat them about.

6: Give Them Fun Bribes

Interruptions aren’t always appropriate.

This is why you must praise and reward your child when he behaves well and follows the rules when you need them the most.

When incentives don’t work, and you’re in a hurry to get meetings done, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bribery.

You may have to make the tradeoff of letting your kids play video games for two hours while you deal with a difficult customer.

7: Make Activity Jars

You’re going to require a boredom buster for your kids if they are bored with the task you assigned them.

Usually, we’d recommend filling boxes and activity jars with fun things to do.

The problem is that many of them require you to go out and purchase supplies, which you might not be able to do these days.

As a result, look for items you can use around the house. Create a list of activities to do, and we are sure they will like some of them.

Heave A Sigh Of Relief!!!

As you use these fun ways to spend time with your kids during remote work, you will get a quieter environment to complete your job.

They will not annoy you every second because some of these activities are bound to entice them.

So, if you need more information on these activities, reach us in the comment box.

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