7 Eye-Catching DIY Lighting Ideas You Must Try For Photography

Every complicated process in the world has a simpler version than the original. When you do things by yourself, many things or tasks become easier. Whether it be cooking, fixing bugs or problems in your devices, everything comes into the picture in an easy-going way.


Sometimes performing these works yourself gives immense pleasure to the person to perform the activities more often. One such exciting example of this scenario is designing things and stuff for different items. These activities are known as DIY (Do It Yourself) things. For example, you can make DIY lockers or safes similar to those produced by the best safe manufacturers.


These things evoke the artistic side of a person. For instance, if you have two old prams or travel systems, you can convert them into a DIY twin pram model. When it comes to DIY things, the most worth-doing area is lighting.


People enjoy involving themselves in DIY lighting because of several ideas that can be generated from a single idea. There are thousands of creative lighting ideas. But the most popular ones are discussed below.


Most Attractive DIY Creative Lighting Ideas You Should Know

The following out-of-the-box lighting ideas will give your home or office a visually appealing look.

Stylish Diffuser

Many times, there is a big light bulb attached to your bedroom or living room. Most people do not prefer these high light providing bulbs. If you replace it with a smaller or less light-providing bulb, it will look very dim.


There are often no mid-way light bulbs available in the market. You can create a light diffuser on your own with different shades and patterns. This DIY activity will aid in lowering the light or diffusing the light as well as add aesthetic value to the living space. You can make these diffusers using a rectangular photo frame and plastic pipes.


Flags & Reflectors


If you want to regulate the lighting effect, you must have a decent knowledge of flags and reflectors. The former is a piece that blocks light towards the end to give a dim effect. On the other hand, reflectors are those instruments that reflect light after touching to the end and come back to the source. You can use them according to your requirements.


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are an excellent option for enhancing photography skills. You can easily customize the color of the light and the temperature of the setup in such lights. You can hang these lights somewhere in the far background and use the blur effect in your camera. If you have any led light strip ideas, you can also make creative projects on your own.


This setup can give great angles to your photos. These DIY lights are specifically designed for photo studios. You can also have a snap under a bright road light with these fairy lights to add more wonders to the photo.



Softboxes are easy-to-make lighting photography options. There are various types of softboxes made at home. These come in different materials like synthetic fabric, wire, cardboard, and other materials.


To create a durable and effective softbox, you will require a box, cutters, scissors, white garbage bag, tape, marker, and hot-shoe flashes. The person must keep in mind the edges and cutting of the materials. A single mistake can destroy the whole softbox.


Beauty Dish

A beauty dish is one of the most demanded light regulating options for several professional photographers. If you want to buy a beauty dish, it will cost you a hefty amount. But, a good thing about this piece is that you can create them yourself.


The lighting option contains three core items: mount, reflecting dish, and internal reflector. Making a perfect beauty dish requires time and good finishing skills. The necessary items to make this are – Speedlight, paint, bracket, return, connectors, reflector, etc.


Attaching Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are a splendid option for dispersing light. They stop the adverse and deep light. They can prevent heavy and dark shadows. It can provide bright yet pleasing light. Like solar lights embedded in a solar cctv camera, tennis balls in a light pipe also act as a soothing effect to the light beam.


This DIY craft is the cheapest and easiest one to crack. With the help of a knife, mark or cut a big cross on the tennis ball. Insert the flash or the light tube in the X-shaped hole. The light will pass through the ball, blocking some light off the ball’s surface.


Balloon Fixing

Fixing a balloon to a strong light source can add wonders to your photos. Balloon functions similar to a tennis ball in terms of diffusing light. The only difference is in the size and level of light diffusion. Since the balloon is expanded as per the user’s convenience, it covers a greater area of light and gives more stability.


Making photography lights using creativity and designing skills is a great way to enhance your photographs. There are different solar lighting options that are also apt for photography skills. You can get these solar lighting options from popular companies like HlcBattery.

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