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Where to Find the Best Magnetic Screen Door

Have you ever wanted fresh air coming into your place but didn’t want to be bothered by insects coming in as well? Or have you ever needed to leave to the backyard with your hands full and couldn’t close it? Maybe you’ve encountered a situation where your pet can’t decide whether it wants in or out. For all these circumstances, self-closing magnetic screen doors come to the rescue.

So, where CAN you find the best magnetic screen door? 

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What is a self-closing magnetic screen door?

A self-closing magnetic screen door is a screen door that doesn’t let the bugs in, allows pets to come and go as they please, and is one you don’t have to worry about closing behind you because your hands are full.

What to look for in a self-closing magnetic screen door? 

When looking for self-closing magnetic screen doors, look for ones that

  • Have enough magnets that will close it securely
  • Are easy to install and able to be installed on multiple surfaces
  • Allow for partial opening to let pets through
  • Are made of breathable material – part of the point of having a screen door is to let the breeze come through
  • Doesn’t have to come down during the winter
  • Affordability. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to order.

Who can benefit from using a self-closing magnetic screen door?

  • Those with toddlers or children who forget to close the door behind themselves
  • People with excitable dogs or dogs that need potty training or free-roaming cats
  • Individuals who want to let fresh air in their place without having to worry about insects getting in their house
  • Apartment dwellers who want to keep an eye on things in their building or run out to grab the mail or a package without needing to lock their door
  • Those who wish to have the benefit of a screen door without having to pay a contractor
  • People who don’t want to change the outside of their property, such as those in apartment buildings
  • Those who often need to exit their home with their hands full
  • Literally, anyone who has an exterior, sliding glass, porch, RV, or camper door

How to Install the Flux Magnetic Screen Door?

The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is pretty straightforward to install.

Items needed:

  • Hammer & Tacks/ pushpins (if used on wood)
  • Staples or clips & scissors (if used on vinyl or aluminum)
  • A short stool or ladder, depending on the installer’s height
  • a second person to assist (optional but helpful)

First, clean the door frame and wipe it dry. Anything left on the doorframe may make the self-closing magnetic door less effective.

Align the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door’s magnets while the product is laid flat. If this step isn’t performed, the screen door’s self-closing mechanism may work improperly.

Next, hold the screen to the top of the doorframe. The bottom of the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door should be about ¼ inch from the ground, floor, porch, etc., as well as about 2 inches from the sides. If the screen door is too close to the ground or the sides, you’ll need to hem it.

Hemming the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door 

  • As you hold the screen door, look where the screen door seam allows for ¼” clearance from the ground, porch, etc. Place your finger there. Similarly, look where the screen door rests about 2” from the frame’s corner. Place your finger there.
  • Another person can help by holding the screen door for adjustments for either the top or sides.
  • Fold the screen once for the top. You may fold the screen multiple times to accomplish this for the sides. In either case, ensure you’re not exposing the velcro.
  • “Tack” through both layers to secure along the total length of the screen, making sure it’s even. Use thumbtacks if you’re doing this for wood; use staples or clips to perform the same task for other surfaces.
  • Finally, use the velcro or tacks to secure the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door to the doorframe, adhering velcro to the frame if you’re using it on vinyl or aluminum.

With all these fantastic benefits of having the best screen door that’s easy to install, gives you fresh air, keeps out the insects, and lets you not worry about your pets, why would you hesitate to order the

Flux Phenom self-closing magnetic screen door? Order yours today!

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

Basic Product Details

Item Material: Black Polyester Mesh

Item Dimensions (L X W X H): 11” X 15.25” X 2” 

Fit dimensions: Fits all doors 38” X 82”

Item Weight: 0.65 lbs / 10.4 oz.

MSRP: $21.95 with free returns.

Free shipping offered? on orders $25.00+


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