What are Some of the Elements Involved in a Custom Motorcycle Appraisal?

You have a motorcycle that has been customized in some manner. It would be good to know how much it’s worth on the market for several reasons. You’ll find that a local service can help you with a custom motorcycle appraisal and provide the information that you seek. Here are some of the areas that the appraiser will consider closely.

The Age and Mileage

Much of the process focuses on elements that apply to the motorcycle itself. One of them is the age. An older cycle that is not yet considered vintage or classic may not command the price that you think. On the other hand, one that is now considered a vintage cycle may be worth more than you expected.

The mileage is also something that will be considered closely. A cycle that has seen relatively little wear and tear is likely to be worth more to buyers. The mileage can be evaluated in relation to the age, coming up with an average number of miles driven per year.

The General Condition

Outside of age and mileage, the general condition of the cycle will also have some impact. Components that are in good condition and indicate that the fuel consumption is reasonable will enhance the odds of a higher market value. In like manner, seats that are free of any cracks or signs of wear also help.

Expect the appraiser to look at everything from the ties to the exhaust pipe to the handlebars. If everything is properly maintained, that bodes well for the outcome of the appraisal.

The Current Market Value

While you are seeking an appraisal for your cycle, expect the appraiser to consider information related to the make and model. This will mean consulting authoritative buying guides, checking for the sale of similar cycles in the area, and factoring in the current demand.

While not the sole basis, this information does provide a means of establishing a general idea of what people would be willing to pay for the cycle. There will still be more factors to consider, so the data found from these types of sources won’t tell the entire story.

The Impact of the Customization

Finally, the appraiser will consider each type of customization that is present. This phase of the custom motorcycle appraisal takes everything that’s been done up to this point and adds the actual custom work to the mix. Depending on what has been done, this could be good for you or it could not be all that you hoped it would be.

The customization has a good chance of having a positive impact on the market value. At the same time, some customization efforts may lower that value. This is especially true if the quality of the custom additions is not on a level with the rest of the cycle.

Remember that you can use the results of the appraisal in more than one way. It could serve as the basis for deciding how much insurance you want to carry. In the event that you’re thinking of selling the cycle, the data can provide an idea of what sort of price will attract the right buyers. Call today and schedule an appraisal. You may find that the results are better than you hoped.

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