Utilizing Custom Logo Floor Mats In Your Business

How to Find the Perfect Floor Mat for Your Business?

Flooring mats can be more than an attractive decoration that draws customers’ eyes as they enter your business. They can serve many purposes.

These areas are very popular and get a lot of foot traffic. These are also where goods and stock pass. This can cause inevitable wear to your floors, and especially your carpets. This wear and tear can also increase your risk of falling. Non-slip mats can protect both your floor as well and the floors of your customers or staff. They are especially necessary for areas where slippages might be a possibility. It is important to remember the possible costs you may incur if staff or customers slip into your business premises.

The mats also help to reduce the noise from people walking in and out. This protects your feet from the hard floors. It is particularly useful if your employees are required to stand a lot during work.

Matts are also a great way to improve the look of your shop. Outdoor rubber mats help reduce the dirt, grime, and liquids that people bring into shops on their shoes or boots. Indoor mats can increase the value of your interior. You can even use the mats as advertising material for your company or products.

Floor mats are not only designed to protect your floor but also for your customers and staff. Your company’s commitment is clear when it uses environmentally-friendly mats made of recycled materials.

What Types Of Mats Are There?

You can choose between the following:

Entrance Matts

Your entrance mat is made of 100% recycled, stain and stain-resistant fiber. It’s paired with a temperature-resistant rubber back, which ensures your mat will lay flat. They are perfect for use in high-traffic areas like corridors.

Where Should They Be Placed?

They can be used in areas with high foot traffic, such as corridors, by water coolers, or in front of vending machines. This will help to reduce slips and trips and extend the life of your flooring.

Message /Logo Mats

Custom logo door mats can make an immediate impact and help you to create lasting impressions. A company message mat can also help with safety and health.

Branded mats look great in high-traffic areas, such as receptions or showrooms.

Rubber Mats

Rubber Mats are designed to prevent slips or accidents in wet and slippery areas like changing rooms in gyms, where standing water can cause slip hazards.

How Should It Be Placed?

They are well-suited for placing in bars and restaurants where spillages of food or drink may occur. The thick rubber ground mat construction provides support for legs, feet, and ankles.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue Mats were created to ease long periods of sitting that can cause pain, backache, and fatigue.

Where Should They Be Placed?

Anti-fatigue Mats are well-suited for customer service counters.

Outdoor Mats

The Outdoor Mat allows liquid to drain quickly through its drainage holes. Its suction cup backing ensures that the rubber mats stay put.

Once inside, people can use wiper mats for any dirt or dust on their shoes.

You should, of course, consider installing all three types on your property to ensure an effective dirt-management program.

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