Top tips to become a business control specialist

The global business domain is extremely competitive today as new jobs and businesses are added every single day. Thus, it is a great time to pursue a career in the business domain by enrolling in a bachelor of business administration.

Today, the diversity of careers in the business domain has sprouted many exciting paths including business managers, quality assurance managers, and business control specialists.

Although the role of a business control specialist is relatively new, these professionals play a crucial role in the progress of any company. Hence, they are always in demand and enjoy a certain level of job security.

Let’s dive deeper into the job responsibilities and career outlook of a business control specialist and how you can become one.

What does a business control specialist do?

A business control specialist ensures that the organization is operating in an effective and efficient manner. These professionals are often at the core of managerial teams and operations in charge of the financial health of the company.

As a business control specialist, you can be tasked with monitoring different company systems and operations on a regular basis. You might even be asked to conduct audits to check compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

What are the top job responsibilities of a business control specialist?

The actual role of a business control specialist is quite dynamic and can vary depending on the size of an organization. In smaller companies, business control specialists can also be referred to as financial controllers and can take on additional financial management duties.

Here are the top responsibilities of a business control specialist in a mid-sized company.

  1. Create operational reports for different projects and departments
  2. Review accounting statements and financial records to evaluate if they are in order
  3. Provide senior management with a realistic overview of business operations and their risks and opportunities
  4. Monitor and improve the operational performance of staff members.

What is the career outlook of becoming a business control specialist?

There are immense opportunities for business control specialists and their career outlook is quite bright. Apart from handsome salary packages, business control specialists can also look forward to sizeable bonuses and annual perks.

According to a report by, the median annual salary for business control specialists across the world is around $ 66,500. This figure can go on to $ 122,000 per year with additional years of experience.

How can you become a business control specialist in 2023?

To become a business control specialist today, you will need the following qualifications:

  1. Education: A business management or accounting management degree
  2. Certifications: Accounting certifications like the CPA or business certifications
  3. Relevant experience: 2-3 years of experience in a business management setup
  4. Technical and transferable skills: Analytical skills, problem-solving and financial management skills

A relevant business management or business administration programme can help you acquire all the relevant skills you need to become an adept business control specialist.

Start looking out for relevant courses today!

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