Top 5 Mining Engineering Schools In North America

Getting into the mining industry today requires the right skills and with so many mines turning over to robotics and high-efficiency solutions for their operations, the next generation of miners will need to be more skilled than ever before. Mining engineering courses across North America are changing and some of the most in-demand schools can set up employees for success. Here are the best mining schools for north America for 2022:


The University of Alberta offers a world-renowned program in mining and geological engineering, making it one of the best mining schools on the continent. The school has produced some of the top minds in the industry and its graduates are highly sought after by employers. This is one of North America’s top mining and engineering schools because it offers specialties in rock support, mine modeling software, and geostatistics.


Colorado School of Mines: This is a top choice for those wanting to get into the US mining industry. Graduates from programs at this college typically earn 5% more on average than any other mining professional. The advanced mining education programs here produce engineers who are in some of the highest  demand by employers.


Queen’s University Kingston ON: The Queen’s mining engineering program is one of the oldest in North America and has a long-standing reputation for excellence. It produces graduates who are highly sought after by top mining companies around the world. Students can receive specialties in mineral processing and a wealth of engineering specialties valuable to the mining industry.


University of British Columbia: UBC is tackling mining from different perspectives with its engineering programs. UBC is one of the first to offer environmental engineering focused on mining as well as economics, mineral processing and engineering principles.


The University of Toronto: Toronto has been running a surface and underground mining engineering specialty for a number of years. This Canadian University focuses on the finances of mining, wastewater management, and more.


Any of these programs would stand as an excellent start to your mining career. If you are interested in getting into the mining industry, it is important to research these programs and find the one that best suits your needs. With a little effort, you can be on your way to becoming a part of this exciting and ever-changing industry.

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