The Importance of Being Certified in AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now being used in multiple fields and provide numerous benefits like automation, solving complex problems, personalization, repetitive tasks management, a global defense, AI marketing, and an improved lifestyle. It helped the industries to grow at unprecedented rates. This in turn has increased the demand for skilled AI professionals around the world. 

According to Gartner, the market value of AI-related jobs was around $3.9 trillion in 2019. Also, the jobs related to AI have an average salary of $142,000 in the US, and this trend is only growing over time. However, learning AI and ML is not an easy task. You have to learn a lot of skills and also take an Artificial Intelligence online course. Now, let’s get a quick introduction of AI and ML, how they differ from each other, and why getting a certification in these technologies is so important.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) enables machines to mimic human intelligence and performs tasks such as logical reasoning, decision making, creativity, art, and more. It entails various subfields like Machine learning, Deep learning, and neural networks that provide a machine the ability to train itself by analyzing data, extracting features from it, and drawing conclusions. Being a specialist in AI opens the doors to new opportunities in various fields that rely heavily on automation, deep learning, research, predictive analytics, natural language processing, etc. 


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a sub-field and a specialized discipline of Artificial Intelligence that utilizes various algorithms, statistical and mathematical models to crunch huge amounts of data and make it of some use. ML is readily used to train models through various methods so that it can produce consistent results over time. Machine Learning is mainly divided into three parts:

  • Supervised Learning 
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement Learning


Some of the popular examples of ML in action include facial recognition, medical diagnoses, feature extraction, speech recognition, classification, etc. You can take a Machine Learning Online Course and learn ML by working on different real-world projects. 

Watch this video to learn more about AI and ML:

Difference between AI and ML

Following are the key points that establish the difference between AI and ML:


Artificial Intelligence  Machine Learning
AI is focused to simulate the human brain by acquiring knowledge and applying it.  ML is a sub-discipline of AI and used for model training and producing accurate results.
AI entails both Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  The subset of Machine Learning is Deep learning. 
The main aim of A is to improve the chances of success.  ML is focused to produce accurate results and discover new patterns. 
Ai helps a machine in decision-making.  ML enables a system to learn new things. 
The main applications of AI include chatbots, personal assistants, advertising, self-driving cars, cybersecurity, healthcare, etc.  Ml is mainly used in recommendation systems, Google search, traffic management, fraud detection, maps, etc. 


Importance of being certified in AI and ML

Following are the reasons why getting certified in AI and ML will prove to be beneficial in your career:

  • Technical Competence: You can learn the basic concepts of the technology from different lectures, tutorials, and youtube lectures. But, in order to become technically competent, you need to be specialized in specific areas or disciplines in AI. this domain knowledge can only be gained by either getting higher degrees or by taking dedicated certifications. 
  • High Industry demands: According to Gartner, the AI job market is expected to grow more than 20% by the year 2025. This will result in the phenomenal growth of AI engineers and ML practitioner’s job opportunities. thus, adding some certifications in the basket will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job,
  • Competition: AI and Ml are used by many industries to do extensive market research, improve their products/services, and stay relevant in the competitive market. To do so, they need skilled professionals with industry experience or projects that relate to real-world problems. Therefore, getting certification courses is the only way to improve your knowledge and stand out from the crowd. 


You need to continuously expand your knowledge in your respective domains as there’s a lot of competition in such industries. The future is technology-driven and needs talents who can find new ways to improve society. 

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