Role of Website Design in SEO – Is It Really Helpful for SERPs

The world is going to be digital these days. Every business and organization needs to build their own website to approach the people because it is the quickest and best method. As there are billions of websites running on web world, it is essential to make it unique. You should make website in such a way that it is prominent from others. At this point, role of website design in SEO will play its part. An attractive website design is really helpful for search engine result pages. Your website design is directly related to ranking of the site. In this article, you will learn about web design, importance of web design in SEO and necessary steps you can follow to improve it.


What Is Website Design?

When considering website design, keep in mind that it is not like usual architect ofabuilding on a page.In fact,this design includes everything you see on a page. The navigation, visual design, content, accessibility and many more factors are considered as website design. Website design in SEO includes all these factors along with loading speeds and descriptive URLs. There is a difference between the duties of website designer and search engine optimization. Ranking and SERPs are the measure of how far designer develops a website according to SEO. That optimized web design is usually known as SEO web design.


Importance of Website Design In SEO:

As stated above, the designers and SEO perform different jobs for a website. But their coordination is the key to get help in SERPs. If the rank of your site is low, then thinking about redesigning would not be a great option. Ratheryou should follow the standards of SEO. SEO standards are necessary to be followed to get help in SERPs. For example, in case you have shifted your page from one URL to another and you did not properly redirect the page to new URL, your ranking may get disturbed. Following SEO can increase the pace of the page. There are many examples in which you can observe the benefits of website design in SEO. Hiring SEO company is a common practice now. Companies are paying a lot to SEO organizations to improve their ranking and getting help in SERPs.


How to Improve Website Design in SEO?

Improving website design in SEO is not very difficult. You just have to take care about few things with your designer, and you will observe a great change in search engine result pages.


Flexible Coding:

Website design in SEO involves a few concerns during the time of web development. Developers have many languages and different ways to develop a website. There are some languages which are recommended in SEO,for example, HTML, CSS and Java Script. But there are other fancy ways too in which you can make your site attractive. But editing and customizing them are not feasible. Developer should follow the recommendations of SEO.



This factor is the most important factor in both processes: the development and the optimization. Complex, difficult to understand and lengthy texts are absolutely not recommended for website design in SEO. Your content is the key to make a place in user’s mind. Try to provide as helpful data as you can. Users appreciate the easily readable and understandable data. Moreover, efficient keywords help search engines to find you easily. Content is the backbone of your site. Make it as strong as you can. Especially, the title and the first paragraph of your website play a vital role in imposing a good image of website. Search engines focus these areas while running their algorithms.


User Experience:

Told by a dissertation help firm, the next factor responsible in website design in SEO is UX. It is of extreme importance in the optimization that Google has consider this factor as one of the key factors of ranking system. What users are feeling when approaching your site? They should not have to wait for loading pages. The stability of the page should be good. Your website should follow the vital core parameters that Google has explained. The appearance and the color scheme you use in development produce an emerging effect on user. Color scheme should be unique and sober. You can use impressive gadgets and templates to make your site more and more attractive.


Web Experience:

Along with ease of users, you have to take care of web experience too. Website design in SEO depends on the web experience very much. Web design includes compatibility with the browsers and the usage of different tags. The data you are providing in content would be useful only when the roadmap reaching you is good enough. Otherwise no one will be willing to choose that path. So, ask your designer to make your website compatible with all browsers and follow the necessary protocols.


Mobile Experience:

You may know that more than 50 percent of web searches are done through mobiles. More than 3 billion people use mobile phone and nearly 1.5 billion use internet on a daily basis. Website design in SEO cannot be at optimum value unless you make it mobile friendly. Mobile phone is a basic need of a man today. Use of mobile phones are far greater than computers. Especially for site searching and surfing, mobile phones are the best options. Make such design that it can easily run-on android as well as iOS operating systems. In upcoming days, mobile devices will be more sophisticated and you would be able to perform more work on them as compared to what you were doing before. Especially, with the launch of 5G technology, there will be a greater change. Get ready to optimize the designs accordingly.



Web design in SEO plays a vital role in SERP and the ranking of site. There are many factors that you can improve to get a good ranking through SEO. We have enlisted some major factors which would definitely make a difference.

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