Restaurant Decors Ideas: Advice on what essentials you should look for

Whether you are a new restaurant owner or you are renovating your restaurant, designing and decorating the interiors of the place is a struggle. Additionally, finding the things that will make the look of our restaurant attractive and amazing is, at some point, a headache. That is why, to lessen your stress and to reduce your dilemma you have been thinking for a quit some time, we have gathered some pieces of advice on what essentials you should start to look to complete the interior set up of your restaurant.

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1. Chairs

Let us start with choosing and picking the right chair for your customers to sit on. Chairs are very essential. Chairs in the restaurant are far different from what we have at home. We rarely see restaurant put couch and sofas. Instead, we see armchairs and wingback chairs used for dining. When choosing the chair, please take note of the durability of the chairs. We don’t want our customers to be dismayed just because they sat on a short-lived and delicate chair. Also, consider the fabric of the chair. There are fabrics that will add elegance and sophistication such as velvet and wool. Additionally, to complete the luxurious impression you want to leave to your customers, you can add on some handmade cushions that are beautifully done.

2. Unique Table

To pair the decorative and durable chair and handmade cushion you have, add a unique table on the set-up. Your tables should also be as durable as your chairs. Restaurant tables usually can cater three to four people depending on what formation or set up you want to achieve. Tables in a luxurious and elegant restaurant are commonly made out of durable and strong wood and a varnished surface. Others come painted. Those are depending on preference as an owner.

3. Curtains

Another important essential you should have to fulfill your interior design are curtains. Curtains in your restaurant should be in an artistic design. Some famous curtain design you may consider are floor-to-ceiling curtains, heavy curtains, flowy curtains and decorative ones. Their colors may also come in different combinations depending on the theme of your restaurant. In addition, you can also choose the fabric you want to have. Cotton, cotton blend, velvet and chenille fabric. Just like handmade cushions, our curtains should go complementary with the majority color of the restaurant to promote unison and consistency.






4. Handmade cushions

Next on the list are handmade cushions. While some restaurant chooses not to include handmade cushions as their essential. We greatly believe that handmade cushions can create a decorative and impressive look. It can add spice on the elegance and luxury of the place. Especially is these come in a unique and beautiful fabric such as silk, wool, and velvet. Here in Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we help you getting started with handmade cushions because we offer thousands of fabrics that will definitely cater your needs. We have all kinds of fabrics for your chairs, table covers and most especially for your handmade cushions.






5. Art and crafts

Do not leave an empty wall. You can hang arts and crafts to avoid dullness on the room. Applying arts and crafts on each item on your restaurant can add drama and personality. It does not necessarily mean that walls are the only ones you can apply touch of arts. You can also put it on curtains and handmade cushions as prints. Just make sure these are not overly done as it will ruin the impression you want to make. Furthermore, you can use famous artists’ works as inspiration. Your art-enthusiasts customers will surely love this set up

6. Lighting

One last thing you should not forget in designing and decorating your restaurant are lightings. Lights coming from chandeliers and wall lamps are important to illuminate the place. This will allow customers to feel relax and comfortable. Lighting also help you create emphasis on the designs and decors you have in your restaurant. Moreover, this also supplement the colors of the room. The design in your curtains, handmade cushions and table covers will not be in vain because they are spotlighted with the lightings. Your customers will experience a warm and pleasant feeling because of this.

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