Projections For The Gambling Industry In Canada For 2022

What happened in the last two years with the massive impact of the coronavirus pandemic over the whole world was unpredictable. The pandemic has changed our lives irreversibly. The multiple lockdowns with strict restrictions have shaped the world economy once and forever.

The online gambling industry was one of the few industries that flourished during the pandemic. In addition to the huge community of online gamblers, the industry has welcomed new users who seek entertainment from the comfort of their homes.

Gambling In Canada In 2022

Canada, with its highly developed economy, is considered one of the largest markets for online gambling. Last August, Canada took a great step by legalising single-event sports betting, which means that the country is opening the doors widely to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Such a great decision paved the way for the promised gambling industry in 2022. What makes us feel optimistic about the future of online gambling in Canada is the numbers that show rapid growth in the country.

According to the Canadian gambling report, Canada has the 8th global ranking with more than 19 million active online gamblers. The report estimated that Canadians spend more than 17 billion dollars in Canadian casinos and over 4 billion dollars gambling at offshore casinos. Such a huge amount of money is expected to rise in the current year.

The spike in online gambling in Canada comes from different factors. The current COVID-19 situation made it an easy decision to make visiting land-based casinos a headache. The accessibility of online casinos from any smart device anywhere makes them a perfect alternative to visiting a mortar-and-brick casino. Moreover, the wide variety of deposit methods, along with the unbeatable bonuses and withdrawal profit, played a vital role in the online gambling Canadian spike.

Now the burning question that arises is, what should we expect more of the Canadian gambling industry in 2022?

The answer comes in different points, as follows:

Bigger Deals

With the promised opportunities that the Canadian market offers, big names and operators in the gambling industry have started making their moves. One of the big deals planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2022 is Penn National Gaming’s acquisition of Score Media and Gaming Inc. The $2 billion deal was completed earlier than expected last October. The major goal of the deal, as stated, is to enhance customer engagement and the online gambling experience.

The Canadian market is expected to witness more big hit deals with top-notch operators and providers entering the market to seize the opportunities that the Canadian online gambling market offers.

More Crypto Casinos

The early beginnings of crypto weren’t as welcomed as they are now. This innovative technology, which was widely criticised at its beginning, has become a reliable investment and a modern payment method. Crypto casinos are expected to attract more Canadian crypto users by offering a highly safe environment to use their favourite crypto as a payment method. Gradually, crypto casinos will become Canadian gamblers’ best venue to experience the thrill of online gambling.

Canadians are lucky to experience all types of casinos, from the unique 5 dollar deposit casino to the futuristic crypto one.

More AR, VR, And AI Possibilities

New high-end technologies have massively changed the online gaming experience in many ways. The surge of augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence technologies has added unimaginable possibilities for the online gaming industry.

Our expert, Kevin N. Cochran, noted that the current year would bring enhanced VR and AR options, allowing online gamblers to experience the atmosphere of actual land-based casinos from the comfort of their homes. Canadian customers will have the chance to interact and communicate with virtual dealers and other customers from different parts of the world.

In addition, 2022 will witness the rise of applying artificial intelligence capabilities to online casino software. By using complex algorithms for hyper-realistic effects, AI will empower and enhance users’ gaming experiences.

Higher Safety And Security Standards

The rise of cyber threats has urged governments, industries, companies, institutions, and even individuals to take serious precautions against them. Due to the huge amount of money in its circulation, online casinos and the gambling industry are the main targets for hackers. Fortunately, online casinos and operators use cutting-edge encryption technologies to keep their customers safe.

Continuing their security precautions, global and Canadian online gambling providers will pursue to adapt the most innovative technologies for their customers’ safety interests.


Our 2022 projections for the gambling industry in Canada are very bright. We can see clearly the potential that the Canadian market has to offer. We believe that Canada can be a leader in the online gambling industry in the upcoming years.

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