Mediacom Best Packages and Offers in 2021

If you want the best internet, cable TV, and home phone service for a great value, Mediacom might be an ideal carrier for you. It offers every service you desire for the best in-home connectivity experience through high-speed internet, high-quality TV, and digital home phone service.

Looking for the best Mediacom packages and offers in 2021? Here’s everything you need to know about Mediacom internet and TV plans as well as the towns and cities with the best Mediacom service availability.

Which Mediacom Internet Plan is the Best in 2021?

Well, that depends on your internet needs and budget. Mediacom offers its customers three internet speed tiers—100, 300, and 1,000 Mbps—with prices starting from $49.99/mo. and going up to $79.99/mo.

This variety gives you options to decide from as per your needs and preferences. For light to moderate internet users, Mediacom basic internet plan is great. As for data allowance, Mediacom lets you do as much as you want with 400 GB to 6,000 GB monthly data allowance, depending on your selected plan and network capacity. So, you do not have to limit your data consumption because of slow speeds or low data caps and stay seamlessly connected on all your devices with Wi-Fi.

You can enjoy gaming and HD streaming at a pretty affordable rate. But if gaming and 4K streaming is what you live for, Mediacom internet 1 Gig is definitely your best bet. With 6,000 GB data limit, the 1 Gig plan offers lightning fast speeds fit for digital adventurers who share internet with like-minded friends and family members.

Mediacom Internet Plans & Pricing

Mediacom Internet deals start at an attractive price point per month, which is quite competitive as the provider uses a combination of fiber optic and coaxial cable TV lines to deliver cheap high-speed internet. Plus, the internet quality is almost as amazing as pure fiber optic, but you get to enjoy it at the price of cable internet.

Whether you are browsing the web or streaming in every room, just pick a Mediacom internet package that best suits your needs and connect using the robust, state-of-the-art high-speed network to enjoy an unparalleled smooth online experience with unrivaled internet speeds at unbeatable rates.

Internet Plan Price

(for 12 months)

Max Upload/Download Speed Data Cap
Mediacom Internet 100 $49.99/mo.

(Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees.)

10/100 Mbps 1,000 GB
Mediacom Internet 300 $59.99/mo.

(Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees.)

30/300 Mbps 2,000 GB
Mediacom Internet 1 Gig $79.99/mo.

(Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees.)

50/1,000 Mbps 6,000 GB

Which Mediacom TV Plan is the Best in 2021?

Mediacom Digital TV service brings you an array of options to select a channel line up from, including Local, Essential, and Variety with more than 50, 125, and 170 channels respectively.

  • Local TV plan is suitable for single individuals or households not big on entertainment. It offers local programming from FOX, ABC, and more along with Xtream TV app and Free HD. Plus, if you are a music lover, then it also includes 50 amazing Music channels that you just would not want to miss.
  • Essential TV plan offers a mix of music, family TV, and local programming options, including NBC, Nickelodeon, and more. The package includes Free HD and Xtream TV app, so you can watch your favorite content on the go.
  • Variety TV package is the perfect option for any TV lover and includes most sought-after channels like CBS, BBC America, ESPN, Bravo, Big Ten Network, and much more along with free HD programming. Plus, with the Xtream TV app, everyone in your family can watch TV on their private screen in any room.

Almost every popular channel in the city, including Fox, NBC, ABC, CW, and PBS, comes included in your Mediacom TV package, depending on the plan you choose.

Also, when you sign up for any of the Mediacom TV plans in Columbus, OH, TiVo® comes included in your package, so you can take delight in its DVR, and search & guide services. The voice-controlled Xtream TV remote gives you the power to control TV with your verbal command.  And, the free Xtream TV app allows you to indulge in Live TV experience and everything that comes as a part of your deal even when you are away from home. All you would wish to have is a connected device.

Mediacom TV Plans & Pricing

Mediacom does not offer any standalone TV services, so if that’s what you are looking for, you might feel disappointed. But Mediacom offers some amazing double play—TV and internet bundles—and triple play deals—TV, internet, and phone bundles—that are not only cost-effective but come with several appealing perks and features. These include wide variety of On Demand titles, TiVo intelligent Search & Guide with voice remote, and more. Plus, with every bundle you get to enjoy 170+ local, cable, music, and sports channels.

Take a look at some of our favorite Mediacom TV bundle deals

Mediacom Bundles Key Service Features



(for 12 months)

Mediacom Internet 1 GIG with

Variety TV

Up to 1,000 Mbps download speeds

170+ channels

Mediacom Internet 300 with Variety TV & Phone Up to 300 Mbps download speeds

170+ channels

download speed

Unlimited nationwide calling & 17 calling features



Mediacom Ongoing Promotions & Deals 2021

If you wish to sweeten your Mediacom subscription, benefit from any of the following Mediacom promotions offers:

  • Order online and get free installation on all Mediacom packages. Just to emphasize how amazing this offer is, know that the regular rate for installation is $99.99.

Mediacom Pros & Cons

Like any provider, Mediacom also has both good and bad sides, but the provider brilliantly balances out. For instance, its month-to-month service balances out the price increase after the first 12 months of service. It does not include any contracts, so you can negotiate or leave without any expensive fine if you do not wish to continue after the price hike.

Moreover, Mediacom’s internet data limits are alleviated by the fact that the caps get unbelievably high on top speed tiers. For example, its gigabit internet package allows a 6,000 GB data allowance, which is nearly impossible to reach.

Pros Cons
Competitively priced packages. Price hikes after 12 months.
Amazing double and triple play bundle deals designed to meet every customer’s needs. No standalone TV plans.
Offers up to 1,000 Mbps download speeds. Includes contracts.


Mediacom State Wise Serviceability Map 2021

Mediacom extends its services to approximately 6.6 million people in the following U.S. states—

  1. Iowa
  2. Illinois
  3. Georgia
  4. Missouri
  5. Minnesota
  6. Alabama
  7. Indiana
  8. Florida
  9. California
  10. Kentucky
  11. Arizona
  12. North Carolina
  13. Delaware
  14. South Dakota
  15. Mississippi
  16. Wisconsin
  17. Tennessee
  18. Maryland
  19. Kansas
  20. Ohio
  21. Michigan
  22. Virginia

There You Are!

Mediacom plans and speeds compete really well with its competitors. For this and several other reasons, Mediacom internet subscribers are quite satisfied with the services they get. If you also wish to become one of its happy customers, all you have to do is order one of its best standalone internet, double play, or triple play deal and take delight in all that Mediacom offers to its subscribers.

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