Important Steps to Take When Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in Virginia

Sustaining injuries while doing your job duties can be hard. You may not be able to go to work for a while and lose wages. Also, you may have to file a workers’ compensation claim. The filing process involves time-consuming paperwork. Sometimes, your employer may not cooperate with your claim. Thankfully, you can get the information and assistance you need to get the benefits you are entitled to when you work with a Virginia injured at work attorney. Your attorney can give you helpful advice and ensure you submit all the paperwork on time. The workers’ compensation claims process involves the following steps:

Reporting the Injury 

Under Virginia law, you have thirty days to report your workplace accident or injury to your employer. Also, you must tell your boss that you need to see a doctor for your injury. You may lose your right to compensation if you do not report your injury on time. 

After you notify your employer, they will investigate your accident. A thorough investigation may include asking you to provide a written or oral statement regarding the accident. Also, it can include asking for statements from anyone who witnessed the accident or those you told about it. The results of this investigation will be provided to your employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider.

Insurance Company Investigations

After the insurer is notified of your workplace accident and injury, it will assign an adjuster to handle your claim. If you do not have a lawyer to represent you, the adjuster will get in touch with you to discuss the accident and your injuries. They may ask you to provide a recorded statement. You should not agree to this before you can consult with a lawyer. The adjuster will use your recorded statement against your claim. 

Reporting to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

Employers in Virginia must report a workplace injury suffered by their employers ten days after learning about the injury and 30 days for minor injuries. But even if your employer has filed a First Report of Injury (FROI), you still have to file a Claim for Benefits with the Commission. After the Commission is notified of your work-related accident, it will make a Jurisdiction Claim Number and issue a Notification of Injury. 

Filing a Claim

A Claim for Benefits serves as your application to get workers’ comp benefits. These benefits include payment for lost wages, lifetime medical care, payment for out-of-pocket medical expenses, travel reimbursement for your medical appointments, and others that resulted from your workplace accident. But getting these benefits involves a lot of confusing requirements, so it is best to handle your claim with the assistance of an experienced workers’ comp attorney. 

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