How To Turn Your Script Into An Audiobook

Audio content formats, such as podcasts, audio posts and audiobooks, are gaining more and more space, whether in the preference of those who listen or in the actions of those who produce the content. However, some people still have many questions about how to create an audiobook. In this article we intend to solve all of them!

Among the benefits of audio content, convenience and accessibility are definitely two highlights. And the timing is also perfect, since a report found that 43% of the 13+ U.S. population listen daily to audio content, which includes podcasts, news, sports, talk radio and audiobooks.

Adding to that, recording an audiobook is not an expensive process that requires a lot of equipment. As you will see later on this post, it is possible to start recording at home or to hire someone for the job.

So, if you want to start your endeavor and learn how to create an audiobook and don’t know where to start, continue reading this article.


When it comes to creating an audiobook, the first step is to write a script that is both creative and engaging. So you’ve written an amazing script, and now looking to start the procedure of making an audiobook. Great! Remember, one thing that can affect whether or not your audiobook will be successful is the choices you make before starting the process of creating one.

There are lots of things you need to understand to make your audiobook successful, like your book’s type, genre, and more. So, firstly let’s take a look at these fundamental aspects.

Book Types and Genres That Make Amazing Audiobooks

Here are certain book types and genres that produce well-performing audiobooks:


Health and Fitness






Mystery or Thriller

Science Fiction or Fantasy

Books Types and Genres That Don’t Make Good Audiobooks

As a publisher/author, you need to understand that some book types and genres do not make useful audiobooks. And some of these book types include:

Quotation Books

Reference Book

Travel Guides


Interior Design Books

Any Kind of Picture Book

Abridged Vs. Unabridged Audiobooks: Choose the Right Version for Your Audiobook

When it comes to choosing between an abridged and unabridged version, there are several points you need to compare to make the right pick. Here’s is what you need to know about these versions:

Abridged Audiobook

An abridged audiobook is a shortened version of the book. It contains only the major storylines and themes of the book, not all the smaller details.

Unabridged Audiobook

An unabridged audiobook is a comprehensive literary work of a publisher. It includes every single detail of the book. If you compare, you will identify that the audiobook market is almost exclusively looking for unabridged versions these days.


Once you finalize the title of your audiobook, the next step is to determine the cost of creating an audiobook. Those who are independent authors, chances are they are looking to pick an inexpensive way to create an audiobook. To build an audiobook without exceeding your budget, you need to determine how much you can afford to spend on this.

One major factor that makes a significant impact on the amount you spend on the audiobook production is – the word limit of your script. Your word count dictates how much time is needed for creating an audiobook, including the time to narrate, record, edit, mix, master, and more.


These are the following formats of files for audiobooks, and you can pick any of them based on the need of your project.

  • MP3 Files
  • Wav Files
  • M4B Files


When it comes to deciding who will narrate your audiobook, you have two options:

  • Record your audiobook on your own
  • Hire a professional narrator

Being an author of the book, you know exactly how to read it – what words to focus on, when to sound serious, when to be sarcastic, etc. But, if you’re not confident enough in this, then drop the idea of narrating on your own. Instead, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. You should select the voice talent who has more experience in how to become an audiobook narrator.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Voice Over Actor

There are several reasons behind hiring an expert narrator to help you with your audiobook narration. A professional voice artist:

Can bring your audiobook’s characters to life

Is trained for hours of recording

Can add legitimacy

Owns professional recording software and equipment

Overall, the attractive and engaging voice of a professional voice artist increases the chances of making your audiobook successful. If you’re looking for a trained voice actor to assist you with narrating your audiobook, consider contacting a professional voiceover website .

They can help you in finding a perfect narrator for your audiobook, depending on your script type and genre. Reach out to them today and get ready to work with professional voiceover actors in real-time.

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