How to invest in stocks and make money

There are a lot of recommendations, the observance of which increases the probability of a favorable trading outcome for both the novice investor and the experienced trader. They can include the following points.

You should not trade on your last money, even if the UK 100 index price is now very profitable

This can be called the first commandment of a trader, and not only working with the UK 100 index price. Loss of the amount deposited in the brokerage account should not seriously affect the life of its owner. In other words, one can trade on the stock market only with that money which the trader is ready to lose.

Do not think that you are cleverer than others.

A common problem for newbies is that when analyzing UK 100 index companies they find, in their opinion, “obviously undervalued securities” which are “sure to grow in price”. As a rule, if such stocks appear in the first few months of trading, they will almost certainly bring only losses.

Often it seems that the market has missed something obvious and there is money to be made on it. But experienced traders do not miss the obvious. In such situations, as a rule, the beginner does not see something important, which is noticed by serious investors. So it’s necessary to look for your own ways, but you shouldn’t think you’re the smartest.

The main thing is discipline

When working in the securities market, the most important skill is self-control and the ability to follow your strategy without question. When trading on GOOGL after hours stock price temptation to change the stock price is waiting for the trader everywhere.

However, it is repeatedly proved that it is possible to earn on the stock market only by having a clear system that allows making more profitable transactions than loss-making ones. Chasing random chances, in turn, sooner or later leads to serious losses.

Best broker to invest in index funds: Own strategy

After a while, a trader, having tried different strategies and found the best broker to invest in index funds, should conclude that he can introduce his own improvements into them. They will let him trade more successfully.

The journal of deals can be of great help here, from which one can find out which tactics gave a positive result usually, and which ones resulted in losses. Analysis of one’s own mistakes allows identifying the appropriate and inappropriate variants of behavior in trading stocks.

The inevitability of losses

Losses are a normal part of trading. They must be minimized, but you should not even think about eliminating losing trades. Losses must not provoke in the investor any strong negative emotions and throw him off his mood.

They must learn to treat them as a working moment that occurs from time to time. The main thing in such situations is to keep cool and continue trading, without deviating from the chosen strategy.


Any trading strategy, even a simple one, requires a lot of time and effort to learn. It is impossible to learn how to trade stocks in one day or week. Studying the parts, analyzing charts and market information takes hours of your life.

Working with index brokers: market behavior 

When working with individual stocks, it is also necessary to follow the trends of the industry in which their issuer operates. For this purpose, it can be useful to follow the movements of the relevant stock indices. A rise in tension among other companies in the same field may be a signal that the price of the stock of interest to a trader is about to fall.

Is it even worthwhile to start trading stocks with index brokers? Is it possible to earn a decent living by trading and investing? If you approach it as a full-time job, devote a lot of time to it, study, and develop – you can make a lot of money.

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