How old would Steve Irwin be in February 2022?

Stephen Robert Irwin was born on the 22nd of February in 1962 and died on the 4th of September in the year 2006. he was better known by his stage name, “The Crocodile Hunter”. He was an Australian zookeeper, conservationist, television personality, wildlife expert, and environmentalist who was best known for his work with the Crocodile Hunter.


Are you wondering “how old would Steve Irwin be today” or “how old would Steve Irwin be in this following year of 2022? Then, click here and get to know the age of Steve Irwin even though he is not alive today. Do you know? On the day of death, Steve Irwin aged 44 years, six months, ten days up till now.


Irwin grew up surrounded by crocodiles and other reptiles, and he received a thorough education on them from his father, Bob. He gained worldwide recognition due to the television series The Crocodile Hunter (1996–2006), a wild animal documentary series that he co-hosted along with his wife Terri and which was broadcast internationally. Aside from Croc Files (his shows) (1999–2001), The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (2002–2006), and New Breed Vets (2007–2008), the couple has also hosted several television shows (2005). They also co-owned and operated Australia Zoo, founded by Irwin’s parents and is in Beerwah, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. They were the parents of two children, Robert, and Bindi.


He became engaged with the park in various ways, including participating in daily animal feedings and caring for and maintaining the park’s facilities and infrastructure. On his 6th birthday, he received a scrub python that measured 12 feet (4 meters). He started handling crocodiles when he was nine years old after his father instilled a lifelong interest in reptiles from an early age. He also wrestled his first crocodile at the age of nine, this time under the supervision of his father. The East Coast Crocodile Management Program, for which he volunteered, resulted in the capture of over 100 crocodiles, some of which were relocated, and others housed at the family park. In 1991, Irwin took over the park management, which was renamed Australia Zoo in 1998.


While making a documentary in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 2006, Irwin was pierced in his chest by a short-tail stingray, a fish, and he passed away the following year due to the tragic incident. His death made international headlines, and fans, the media, governments, and non-profit organizations all expressed their shock and grief in response to the news of his death. Steve Irwin is the namesake of some parks, zoos, streets, the vessel MY Steve Irwin, the snail species Crikey Steve Irwin, and the asteroid 57567 Crikey; he is also the name of several animals. His wife, Terri, and their two children continue to run Australia Zoo as a family business.


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