How do you leave your parent’s house? The right time to make the decision:

Leaving your parent’s house is an exciting yet challenging decision you will take at a certain age. Apart from this, you need enough time for planning, preparation, and saving money. So, it’s a wise move if you start planning. Still, moving out of your parent’s house is financially and emotionally draining. According to the stats, in COVID-19, millennials and Generation Z moved back to their parent’s homes during the pandemic. However, 68% and 60% of millennials and GEN Z moved back. So, it proves that moving out isn’t an easy decision, and you need proper planning. 

Are you ready to move out of your parent’s house?

If you are tired of living like a child, moving out of your parent’s house is good. Apart from this, it’s a good idea if you feel stifled at home and constantly fighting with your family. So, these are signs that you should move out of your parent’s house. In addition to this, there are other reasons for moving out: 

  • When you want to prove yourself as a grown-up person 
  • You want to move with your better half 
  • If you’re going to move closer to your college, university, and workplace 
  • Above all, if you have a conflict with your parents 

In this way, you can change the current situation and start a new life independently. 

Benefits of moving out of parent’s house: 

About 52% of young adults live with their parents. But it’s better to move out of the parent’s house for up to 24-28 years. If you plan to move out of your parent’s house, be ready for independence and freedom. Apart from this, there are benefits of taking this decision on time. 

  • You can enjoy independence and will get self-sufficiency once your house is built. 
  • Most importantly, owning a house comes with privacy, and you start your journey to become a responsible person. 
  • It could be emotionally intense if you are leaving your parent’s house. 
  • You get plenty of time and personal space for yourself 
  • Moreover, you get the chance to enjoy new opportunities, whether it’s in your career or private life

But moving out has many challenges and hardships. So, a wise person is the one who plans ahead of time because it’s a crucial part of adulting. 

Steps to leave your parent’s house:

So, if you have decided, CONGRATULATIONS as it’s a big deal. But it’s a whole process, and you will have to deal it with: 

However, for the smooth process, we compiled a list of the steps that will help to make your journey easy. So, start with the following: 

Find out the reasons to move out: 

The first thing you shouldn’t ignore is finding the reason for moving. We all know it’s a tough decision, that’s why here is the list of questions that you should ask yourself: 

  • Are you financially stable to afford a new house? 
  • How do you deal with challenges? 
  • Are you moving out because friendships and experiences aren’t accessible in your current property? 
  • Move when your gut says it’s time to move on. 
  • Decide whether you are tired of your parent’s restrictions 

However, finding the answers to these questions requires time to decide. So, take as much as you want because some decisions are irreversible. 

Develop a budget & plan: 

When you are ready to move out, two things are crucial: budgeting and the 2nd one is planning. It’s better to decide a date when you will move out because it will help you plan on time. Besides this, determine whether you will rent an apartment, student housing, or a shared room. Besides, decide whether you will hire professional movers or do this work with the help of a few friends. After planning out everything, determine the cost of moving out. Here are the following expenses that you will have to bear: 

Rent Utilities Car insurance
Health payments Groceries Utilities
Clothing Entertainment


Moreover, don’t forget that property managers ask for credit scores to decide whether you can pay or not. So, settle down all these details and estimate fixed and variable expenses. 

Search the living place: 

After deciding about the budget and all other details, the next thing is to find the property. There are many ways to find an appropriate property. But ensure that the house comes under your range because you are the only person who will do all expenses at home. Furthermore, if you can’t afford much, it’s a good idea to share the apartment with roommates. In this way, you can reduce the rent up to 50%. If you are struggling to find a property, then use the following ways: 

  • Go for the referrals. 
  • Ask your friends & family to recommend a vacant property nearby 
  • Contact the property manager/agent  

You can shortlist a few apartments in your range and then decide on the best one. 

Create a moving checklist: 

When you are moving out, you need plenty of things to start a new life in a new home. But you can forget about things, that’s why prepare a list of items you will need. So, the following checklist can help you out: 

Bed Cloth storage Kitchen essentials
Bathroom accessories Laundry supplies Furniture
Dressers Appliances


In this way, you will learn how to live without your parents and what it will take to make a proper household. It’s better to record income (Budgeting) using a check stub maker. In this way, you can buy things because you have an idea of savings and emergency funds. 

Move out of the house: 

The time has come when you will have to leave the house. It’s time to pick up your bags and other essentials and start living independently. But before this, you need to pack your stuff while ensuring everything is secure. If your things are correctly packed, you can avoid bad experiences like broken glasses or furniture. But if you think it’s overwhelming and you can’t manage everything yourself, then there is no harm in hiring professionals. 

Note: If you want to hire professional movers, don’t ignore the budget and home emergency fund. If your pocket doesn’t allow it, you can ask friends and family for help in moving house.

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