Flaws to Recognize and Rectify as a SASM

The desire to improve in life is the road to success. This applies to one’s career more than any other aspect of life. In this age of constant competition, finding ways to be ahead of others is essential. When you’re taking a SASM course, you’re preparing to be a leader in an organization that implements SAFe®. In such a position of power and control, one has to be self-aware of the mistakes they might and would make. No one is a perfect human being and knowing the common flaws that accompany your career would help you recognize them quickly and rectify them just as fast too.

1.  Incomplete knowledge-

As a SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master, you’re responsible for implementing scrum according to guidelines and ensuring all levels involved in the team are properly using agile. This job cannot be fulfilled without proper knowledge of agile. With inadequacies, you are prone to make mistakes that will result in ineffective products that might lose businesses money. However, with a proper SASM course, such problems can easily be avoided.

2.  Being Absent-

One of the biggest mistakes made by scrum masters is that they might feel the team is better off on their own and they have nothing to do during the process. This is far from the truth. In a complex developing environment, someone should always be there to keep an eye on the progress and design. It is impossible for teams to communicate with each other in the middle of development so that is done by the scrum master. Moreover, they are to make sure the customers and the company are aware of the progress. An overview is kept by the scrum master without which the process might become too chaotic and fall into disarray.

3.  Too Authoritative-

The scrum master is the leader of the scrum team and as any proper leader will tell you, you cannot be too authoritative. Agile methodology is dependent on a self-managing team. The scrum master is not supposed to take unilateral decisions or keep the teams in check. They are supposed to create an environment where the team is comfortable and productive. They take various inputs from members and decide what is best for the team and how to effectively achieve their goal. The effectiveness of a team depends on the facilitation and training provided by the scrum master. Thus they have to be good with people and a proper communicator. These skills are taught to aspiring scrum masters at a SASM course.

4.  Thinking for the team-

Before all, you are the team leader and your scrum team depends on you. So, as the scrum master, you have to think for the team and make decisions that ensure the team is productive and effective. This means keeping the team from burnout even if it means slight delay, protecting them from stakeholders or demanding customers, and sometimes even each other.

It might seem too tough in the beginning but with enough time, experience, and knowledge through a great SASM course, you’ll be in love with your job.

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