Evening Desert Safari – A Pleasure Trip In The Wild

The sparkling marvels of Dubai invite every adventurist to witness their beauty. The city is home to the world’s most exotic, luxurious, even record-holding magnum opuses. Burj Khalifa and its dancing fountain, Burj Al-Arab, luxurious malls, sanctuaries, and evening desert Safari Dubai. All these marvels remain on the bucket list of travel enthusiasts.

Now, stretching this read towards a miraculous natural asset of Dubai which is its diverse desert. If you are planning your next trip to the majestic dunes of Dubai, our experience might be helpful for you. So my venture to the conservation reserve was planned by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They asked about the availability of my group and recommended going for an evening desert safari.

The following read would enlighten you about the gripping activities in the desert premises.

Worth-Having Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

1.   Getting Started with the Venture

Our adventurous day started with a pickup in a land cruiser right from our hotel in Dubai. Team Happy Adventures Tourism sent their skilled driver for a pick up at 4 in the evening. You can also avail of bus service or self-driven packages to reach the conservation reserve.

2.           Dune Bashing – An Edgy Hitch

Locals and tourists from faraway states all enjoy the craziness while dune bashing. Bashing the reddening Arabian heaps in the extreme of extravaganza at the desert safari in Dubai. We had a crazy ride in a Nissan Patrol along with our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism. This roller coaster ride pauses for a while when the attention of adrenalin-junkies diverts the sunset. After the sunset photography along with the furious vehicles, the craziness resumes in full swing.

A dune ride is of 15 to 30 minutes depending upon your itinerary. You can grab the SUV of your choice out of multiple maneuvering options. These include land cruisers, land rovers, wrangler jeeps, dune buggies, and hummers. Get on any of these 4x4s and cross the terrain in action!

3.           Sand Skiing

Grab a sandboard and portray cool maneuvers across the high sad heaps! The powdery sand is a great surfing track for the madcaps. Sandboarding is all about balance. The terrain activity is similar to that of waterboarding and ice skiing. Teens and kids love this specific desert activity as they feel the liberty of gliding in the diverse sand ocean. Sand surfing is an activity filled with joy and waves of laughter amid this nomadic land.

4.           Encounter the Unseen in a Camel Safari

The thought of visiting a desert creates the image of riding on a camel in a never-ending arena. Doing a camel safari is a mandatory part of your whole venture on the terrain. The submerging sand takes the camel’s feet as the ship in the sea. This fact is a perk for people who want to explore the far vicinity of the desert. They discover the wildlife of marshy habitat by riding on a camel. You can also enjoy the perks of having a camel ride by being a part of the camel caravans.

5.           Enlivening Entertainment

The Arabian art and tradition are portrayed with vibrant colors in the festivity of the desert arena. We were offered flavorful shisha and hookah by the hosts of team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. While having ecstatic shisha, we witnessed a fantastic show of Arabian artists.

The elegant Tanoura performance by the dervishes enlightens the beholders to the core. They perform the famous spin dance over harmonious melodies. Then there is a fire show, Khaleeji dance, stick & knife art, and belly dance. All these dance performances contribute to making the live stage a highly cherishable platform.

6.           Dinner in the Desert

The scrumptious dinner is set on the buffet right at the colorful campsite. We were offered special Arabian coffee with a platter full of dates. It was a lovely gesture of hospitality by team Happy Adventures Tourism. They also gave us free and unlimited access to refreshing soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and snacks.

Not only has this, the BBQ and buffet delight included veg and non-veg food, appetizers, and siders as well. The appetizing savory amidst the dunes is a complete treat for foodies!


To have a smooth and constant pace of fun, there are some considerations you need to take. Take care of the dress code and always go for light ensembles when heading to the desert. Dune bashing is not a sport for people with hypertension or other health conditions like pregnancy. Also, kids under 13 are not allowed for dune bashing. However, they can enjoy sandboarding.

Lastly, booking your trip through a trusted firm like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Wandering in the wild would be much more fun along with the highly energetic backers like them.

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