Date Night in the New Normal? Here’s What You need

When you’ve been stuck with your partner for a long time, with chances to go out few and far between, it’s understandable that there will be some tension. Fights might ensue, especially if you’re both working from home, and the romance seems nonexistent.

Don’t give up on your relationship just yet. Maybe it’s time to plan a date night in the new normal. Here’s what you should prepare:


The night before


Prepare yourself and iron out the details of the date ahead. Are you planning to watch a romantic motive together? Will it be a fancy dinner on the balcony? Will you go outdoors to have fun while still practicing social distancing? There are plenty of ways to do this, and all that matters is you both like what you come up with. Then, before bedtime, prepare your K-beauty essentials so that you will be looking your best the next day. This will show your partner that you still care for them and want to show them your best look.


Hours before


Gather all the ingredients for your favorite snacks if you’re watching a movie together, and prepare the setup. The ambiance is important for date nights, even if you’re staying at home. The setting should be more special than just your regular couch hangouts. You’re wearing your favorite outfit and your partner is also washing up; the snacks will help elevate everything.


If you don’t feel like cooking, take advantage of food delivery apps. You can even choose something fancy for this special occasion, with no hassle on your end. Just make sure you order early so that the food arrives there on time. The last thing you want is to feel peckish while trying to be romantic with your partner. If you’re a pair who loves to cook, take the morning before the date to bond in the kitchen and make your favorite meals together.


During the date


Put away your phone and enjoy the moment. This is a time for you to rebuild your relationship and to make the most of the time you have together with your partner. Especially with how stressful 2020 was, going on a date in the new normal may not seem fun, but it should still play the fundamental part of you spending quality time with your beloved. This quality time does not need to be disrupted by social media notifications. Of course, you can still step away for urgent concerns, but only if they are really urgent.


After the date

Express your gratitude that you were able to spend time with your partner, and make it known that you would like to do this again. We may not go back to the way we used to spend time outside in the pandemic, but this just means finding new ways to spend time together. And if this kind of date worked well this time, it might be the new normal of your relationship too.


Get out of your pajamas and put on your makeup every once in a while for your partner. Ignite that spark that the quarantine might have extinguished.

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