Custom jacket is trending! See tips on how to choose the ideal piece + ideas to customize yours!

In winter, temperatures across the country start to drop gradually and cold coats come out of the wardrobe. However, protection is not its only purpose! The right piece has the ability to add a lot of style to your look, but the wrong choice can ruin it. To find out how to choose the right jacket for you,

More and more fashion is no longer something so standardized to become more personal, inspired by each person’s style, as is the case with the custom jacket. In recent seasons, modeling has gained embroideries, prints and paintings that take the personality of those who wear them and make them unique. Want to bet on this trend ? Then check out our suggestions with the best types of customization to invest in and guarantee a super stylish production !

How to choose the right jacket to be customized?

The jacket is a wildcard piece and walks through our wardrobe in different seasons. Thinking about making their productions more unique and stylish, many women began to style it with embroidery, applications or painted images. In fact, this is the great charm of customization: only you will have that model .

To choose the jacket that will be styled, it is important to think that, in the case of paintings, for example, it is nice that the design appears well and stands out. Therefore, smaller and tighter models in the body of the custom jacket are not indicated . Prefer oversized versions that, in addition to being stylish, are still more comfortable and allow for wider movements.

Embroidered Custom jacket: learn how to style your piece with applications

One of my favorite ways to style the custom jacket is with embroidery, which can be done in many ways and doesn’t take a lot of time or work. The first step is to choose the points that will be customized, such as the shoulder region, the collar, the sleeves, or just the back of the garment . Select these areas and mark with a pen. Then it’s just a matter of getting your hands dirty.

For applications with beads, you can invest in the colored ones or the classic pearls, applied wherever you want for an extra charm. Another alternative is lace, which works very well and can beĀ  applied to the collars, sleeves or hems of the jacket .

Exclusive paintings will also make your custom jacket look amazing!

Another way to bet on the trend of stylized jackets is through paintings made directly on the fabric . In that case, choose a design that is your face and find an artist who can reproduce that in your piece. There are professionals who specialize in creating designs on clothes.

The options are huge, ranging from classic prints, such as butterflies and flowers, an image of your favorite singer or even a caricature of you! The most fun part of this fashion is playing with your wardrobe without fear of taking risks !

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