Correct behavior when visiting handyman

Everyone of us knows this problem, you can deal carefully with everything within your own four walls, but sooner or later a renewal is inevitable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a small thing that’s broken or whether your bathroom needs a complete overhaul, a handyman ship is required here. As an ambitious do-it-yourselfer you can repair a lot yourself, but a specialist is necessary for some work. However, many are unsure how to behave properly towards these foreign workers. Is it still possible to offer the well-known beer to handymen these days, or is that long outdated? If you want to master the next journeyman’s visit with confidence, you should definitely look at the next sections.

Good preparation

Time is particularly valuable for many handymen and is therefore usually paid for dearly. The costs are not necessarily easy to survey, because the prices vary depending on the industry. It often happens that you have to dig deep into your wallet for a qualified handyman Calabasas, hourly rates of an average of 80 euros are not uncommon. So that there are no delays in your visit to a handyman, good preparation is essential. In this way, the workers can start their activities without much delay. This saves time and at the same time protects your wallet. For example, if your living room needs to be re-papered, you can remove the old wallpaper and cover the floor beforehand. It is also important that nothing stands in the way of the journeymen. A table, for example, can be moved quickly and returned to its old place after the work is finished.

Oversee handyman

Those of you who work will know this problem. The landlord has informed you at short notice about a date for new repair work, but you have to work at this time. Can you let the handyman work alone in the apartment? In principle yes, but we advise against it. It is really better to receive the journeyman personally and, ideally, to be available for questions. In this way, misunderstandings and nasty surprises can be avoided. We recommend that you check that everything has been done correctly and that no damage has occurred. However, if you are unable to be present for the entire period, you should at least stay nearby until the actual work begins.


If it is not at all feasible for you to be at home that day, you can also ask someone you trust to let the handyman in and supervise the work. However, prior agreement is important so that everything runs smoothly. In addition, an appointment with a handyman can be postponed once if you live in a rented apartment. In most cases, the landlord will then let you make arrangements for the next appointment. 

How much dirt is acceptable?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the handyman also brings dirt into the house. Even if many journeymen try to work as cleanly as possible, dirt often cannot be avoided. But so that you don’t get angry later, you can counteract the whole thing. Depending on the work to be carried out, you can make different preparations. When wallpapering or painting, we recommend covering the floor with foil so that no paste or even wall paint can spill onto the carpet. In the same way, laminate is protected from scratches with blankets and newspapers.


However, if the dirt goes beyond the normal level or something is even damaged, this should be documented immediately. The best way to do this is to use photos of evidence and eyewitnesses. Finally, you should inform the landlord or the commissioned company about the damage that has occurred and ask them to rectify it.

Is small talk desirable?

A quick chat is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. But if this turns into a long-term conversation, the actual work is often neglected. If the handyman is constantly distracted, he can only do his work over a longer period of time. And since most journeymen are paid by the hour, that could quickly become very expensive.


In such a case, please be direct if it gets too much for you. If the provocative look at the clock wasn’t enough, you only have a clear message to pull yourself out of trouble. Sentences like: “Excuse me, but I still have a lot of office work to do. If you have any further questions, I’m available in my study.” help you to remain friendly and to withdraw from the conversation with the handyman.

Dealing with the handyman

Many of us are plagued with the uncertainty of how to behave properly towards a handyman in our own four walls. Should you provide them with drinks or even a small snack, for example? Can you also ask them to take off their shoes when entering the apartment?


Basically, you don’t have to feed the handyman because he gets paid to do the work for you. However, offering coffee and water is a very nice gesture that no fellow will refuse. But we advise against offering the well-known beer. Finally, you should keep in mind that the handyman is on duty and will decline this offer. If you still want to do something good for the worker, you can also offer small snacks such as sandwiches or a plate of biscuits. Maybe then they’ll do the work more conscientiously and fix defects that you didn’t even know about.


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