Changing the Landscape by Providing More Affordable Access to Beauty Technology

The beauty industry is now becoming one of the most competitive industries in the world. With different beauty brands coming out with new technology daily aimed at making people pretty and increasing their self-confidence, the fight for the number one top in the industry has been relegated to companies willing to produce the healthiest and most affordable products.

To be beautiful is no longer about the face or character like in the past decades; beauty today is all about the shape of your entire body. From the texture of your hair down to the skin color of your feet. It also involves the type and style of perfumes, creams, clothes, and shoes you put on. Women, the gender at the forefront of the beauty industry, is not leaving any stone unturned as they look for means to ensure they create the perfect version of themselves through undergoing different beauty surgeries and therapies.

For a woman, beauty is everything. Beauty is where their confidence lies, which is why no amount is too much to make a woman look pretty. In this article, we will be discussing how affordable access to beauty technology can help revolutionize the industry by looking at how much damage the high cost of beauty technology has done and how it can be fixed.

The Effects of High Cost Of Beauty Technology

A single dose of a Botox injection costs about 10- 20 dollars which is very expensive, especially when you notice that a full dose is approximately 40-50 injections. This high cost of Botox injections which also applies to other forms of beauty products has made it difficult for women to access beauty products.

The effect of this high cost of beauty technology has led to a decrease in women’s confidence across the globe. Women no longer feel confident enough to go out with friends, take pictures, and communicate with strangers. Most women who, according to the world standard, are considered not beautiful are usually traumatized and abused by their looks and body shape. According to statistics, a high percentage of women who are depressed today is a result of how little they appreciate their bodies. 

Another issue that is making the high cost of beauty technology more evident among women is social media. Social media puts a lot of pressure on women to look perfect and flawless. The hunger to be the dream of women and every man’s fantasy makes social media a very toxic place for most women and sometimes men. Celebrities can no longer live a normal life because they don’t want it to be caught unfresh by fans and paparazzi. Women who can’t afford access to beauty technology tend to expose themselves to health and other hazards by undergoing and taking all forms of unapproved and unsupervised surgeries and drugs to obtain their desired looks.

Affordable beauty technology will reduce the social pressure on women and help create another standard by which women can be ranked other than their looks and style. It will also eliminate equality among women and create a less toxic community where all women can be accessed under one lens. With a cheaper and more accessible means of attaining beauty, a lot of women can become more confident and productive.

How To Make Beauty Technology More Affordable and Accessible

Below are some ways to make high-end beauty technology more affordable:

Improve Competition In The Industry

One way to provide affordable access to beauty technology for everyone in the industry is to increase the level of competition. When it comes to looking good, most people, especially the rich and highly placed in society, believe it can only be gotten from one place. For example, Chic laser center, one of the best clinics in the world for laser hair removal, charges patients the most affordable per session rate, which is why they are one of the leading beauty tech clinics recommended by most Industry professionals.

With more players entering the industry and increasing competition in the market, the price per session rate is said to become far more affordable in the future. However, we should note that too much competition might kill the industry and make it less profitable and attractive to investors looking to develop the market.


It’s no news that science and technology are currently in a very fast lane. The beauty sector must take advantage of this rapid growth in the tech industry to come up with more affordable means of beautifying people. With the increase in the number of people seeking beauty enhancement products across the globe, it only makes sense that stakeholders in the industry create means by which these demands can be met at an affordable rate. One argument stakeholders in the beauty space might raise is the issue of funding. Many believe that funds are needed to revolutionize the industry and provide affordable access to beauty tech, which is true. But subsidies can be used in lowering the cost for those who can’t afford beauty enhancement and products.

Change The Culture

Changing the culture and mindset of people towards beauty is one of the most critical points in making beauty tech affordable for everyone. The fact that women are still being judged based on their facial and body shape is disheartening. Women need to be respected beyond how they look or what they wear. They need to be considered based on their character and intellectual capacity. These basics of ranking will go a long way in reducing the pressure on women to attain physical perfection, which in turn will lower the demand for beauty technology—the lower the demand, the lower the cost. 

When changing the beauty culture, social media should be the primary focus because that’s where the need for a perfect and flawless physical look is more appreciated. Also, fashion houses must stop demanding their models must be physically perfect for them to be employed and paid.

Government Regulations

With proper laws to regulate the beauty industry, people can be able to get affordable access to beauty technology. The beauty industry is highly unregulated, so stakeholders are free to fix the prices of products and services without considering the circumstances they will have on the general public.

 Regulations like price control can go a long way in creating healthy competition in the market, thereby forcing industry players to develop cheaper methods to enhance the beauty of the customers. Also, laws should be made to condemn people who abuse others based on how they look or what they wear. 


Beauty technology is not only for those who want to look good, they are also for those who must have had one part of the body disfigured due to a form of accident. Affordable access to beauty technology will help such people integrate easily back into society without being stigmatized. To improve affordable access to beauty technology, governments around the world must include it in universal health schemes of their respective national budget.

For the beauty industry to provide affordable access to those seeking its services and products, all stakeholders must be determined to take the high road and put the needs of others first before the money. Thankfully, CHIC Laser Center in Montreal is already taking the lead in providing affordable technology.

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