Best 7 Online Video Editing Tools To Make Video Ads For Your Ecommerce Website.

Video ads are the King when it comes to using content marketing for eCommerce businesses. And with considerable growth in videos comes this growing requirement for top-quality video editing tools.

Whether it is for Facebook advertisements or YouTube testimonials, videos go a long way in creating brand awareness and increasing the prospects’ engagement. It’s only because of this reason that more than 85% of businesses these days use videos as their prime marketing tool.

You must seriously find the most impressive video editing tool for creating content that converts viewers into customers for your eCommerce business. You might wonder why?

The answer is because these tools allow their users to cut, edit and arrange their videos while adding effects and sounds to get the attention of the potential shoppers. From titles and captions to color correction, the most basic video editing tools will help you market your products like never before.

Take your video content marketing to the pro level with these 7 video editing tools:

1. Animoto

The business features of this tool add more value to its benefits for eCommerce stores. It offers white-label branding to businesses, allowing them to ensure consistency across their video advertisements.

Animoto also offers users easy access to licensed music, professionally designed visual styles, unrestricted editing attributes, and genuine analytics once the video has gone live.

2. InVideo

A highly versatile and efficient video editor, It focuses on helping users with their video marketing endeavors. It comes included with many stickers, text boxes, and images to help the users create some of the most engaging videos.

You can create video ads using the paid or the free package of this video editing tool that comes complete with a rich set of features for making 720p resolution videos. The best thing about this tool is it helps you create video advertisements without watermarks.

Boasting more than 100 specifically curated and top-quality designer templates, this tool helps you create videos of around 5 minutes with a single user account. With it, you also get storage up to 1 GB.

One of the best things that users love about this is the neat templates that make it very easy for them to create some of the most stunning videos. And yes, the makers of the tool keep adding the templates from time to time.

It is probably one of the greatest online video editing tools with the potential of becoming a video marketing leader in the market. You can save tons of time in making videos for LinkedIn and other social media channels.

3. Avidemux

Available for platforms like Mac OS X, Windows, BSD, and Linux, Avidemux is a specifically designed open-source video editing and processing tool. For those on the lookout for an absolutely free video editor, Avidemux can turn out to be highly beneficial.

It lets you cut, filter, and encode tasks and is the perfect choice for individuals who do not have any experience in video creation and editing.

Avidemux is a simple but feature-rich editing tool perfectly designed for beginners looking for basic editing functionalities.

4. iMovie

This is an Apple-based video editing tool that you can use on your iPad and iPhone and even on your Mac. It gives you the flexibility of making your choice from a plethora of styles for adding beautifully animated credits and titles to your videos.

You can even add a broadcast-type feeling to your visuals with split-screen and picture-in-picture effects. Users of this tool get to make their choice from more than 10 innovative video filters to add a cinematic touch to their work.

With iMovie, you also get in-built music, voice-over, and sound effects, along with the ability to publish your content directly on YouTube in the 4K format. Users love the ease of use of this tool and the high-quality video it offers.

5. Adobe Premiere Elements

Perfectly compatible with Windows PC and Mac, this easy-to-learn and use video editing tool comes with a brand-new AI feature. It even supports 4K format videos along with video stabilization.

Adobe Premiere Elements ranks right on top in user-friendliness and sophisticated features that it comes loaded with. It also comes with different ways of creating and editing videos of the best quality.

This video editing tool makes use of Adobe’s artificial intelligence system for making it easier and more convenient for the users to perform their editing tasks. The editing features of this tool are great for demystifying the whole video editing procedure, especially for the novices in this field.

There is even additional support available for stabilized videos and 4K resolutions. There are even other important features like upgrades while selecting subjects and making selective editing, real-time effects, and double-exposure videos.

6. Filmora

Yet another top-quality video editing tool, Filmora, gives you original quality video editing results without having to go through any kind of hassle. Its exclusive features include precision speed control, 4K editing, GIF support, and video stabilization.

It comes loaded with sufficient features to enable the users to do real work of professional quality. One thing for sure with this video editing tool is that you will not have to put a lot of effort into creating videos of the best quality.

7. Openshot

This platform offers complete ease in editing videos absolutely free of cost. And yes, you can use it on any operating system of your choice.

Key attributes of this tool include support for DVD, AVI-compatible MPEG files; ASF and MP4 using a plethora of codecs; job queue, projects and super powerful scripting features allowing the users to automate their tasks and simple editing for the beginners.


There is no need to spend your hard-earned money on tools that will be of no use in the long run. Instead, you must depend on the video editing tools mentioned above to give your marketing videos the exclusive appeal to make you stand out from the crowd as an eCommerce brand.

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