Advantages of Rattan Furniture

Along with the development of the times, changes in lifestyle in the community are also growing and giving rise to many innovations. Including innovations in rattan-based furniture. Currently, many synthetic rattan material innovations have emerged so that they can meet global market demand for rattan products. Rattan furniture manufacture, is here to meet the needs of market share.

Synthetic rattan is a product produced to replace the function of original rattan which is made from plastic raw materials or synthetic materials, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To distinguish these two materials is quite difficult, both HDPE and PVC have a similar appearance.

Both of these materials are processed by the manufacturer through a manufacturing process to produce artificial rattan strands.

From this process, several types of synthetic rattan will be produced, as follows:

  • Polystrap, namely synthetic rattan that is wide and flat,
  • Polycore, namely synthetic rattan with a slightly rounded shape,
  • Polypeel, which is synthetic rattan with a semi-circle shape.

In terms of price, rattan made of PVC is much cheaper than natural rattan. Because the production cost of rattan made from PVC is quite cheap.

In addition to low production costs, rattan made of synthetic material is preferred by craftsmen because it is easy to weave into various shapes, resistant to weather and lighter in weight, and easy to maintain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Rattan Compared to Natural Rattan :

Both real rattan and synthetic rattan each have advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic rattan compared to real rattan. Both genuine rattan and synthetic rattan are also in great demand by the public, including from abroad, therefore there are many manufacturers of rattan furniture exporter.



The following are some of the advantages of synthetic rattan over natural rattan, namely:

  • More varied colors– Natural rattan usually only produces natural or natural colors, in contrast to synthetic rattan which provides more color variations so that it can meet the needs of your room.
  • More flexible and lighter – The advantages of this synthetic rattan benefit both craftsmen and users. This type of rattan makes it easy for craftsmen to shape and weave rattan material into the desired furniture design. For example, formed chairs and tables with a modern style design. Meanwhile, users will benefit because it is very flexible with a light weight that makes it easy to move.
  • Neater – Furniture products made of synthetic rattan are generally neater than natural rattan because they are made with machines that have precise precision and are in accordance with the desired furniture design. Not only that, there is no residual connection between rattan as is usually the case when furniture is made of natural rattan. The connection between the rattan is what makes the furniture often look untidy.
  • More durable – Due to extreme weather resistance and anti-corrosion properties. So if this synthetic rattan furniture is placed outside, it’s okay, because termites or rain will not make plastic products rotten.
  • More environmentally friendly – The manufacture of furniture made of synthetic rattan does not have to cut down trees and does not produce waste during the processing. If it produces waste, this synthetic rattan material can be recycled and this of course supports efforts to prevent global warming.
  • Easy maintenance – Synthetic rattan furniture is easier to maintain. There is no need to repaint because natural rattan usually experiences color fading. Synthetic rattan simply wipe with a wet cloth or chamois to clean dust or dirt that sticks.
  • More affordable prices – Synthetic rattan is mass produced so that the production costs incurred by producers are much lower than real rattan so that the price on the market will be cheaper.
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