A Few Things To Note About Print And Apply Systems

Print and apply systems help automate the label printing process and apply it to containers and boxes. The benefits of this system are many, and this is perhaps why more people are adopting it in their shipping process.

Advantages of the Print and Apply system

The print and apply systems are beneficial in the manifest and shipping process. The regular systems usually involve a barcode scanner to point out the exact parcel, a conveyor for inducting, applying machine, labeling, and a verification scanner to help read the printed label. A print and apply system is not only used shipping processes as several companies have products that get serialized, stamped, or need variation in the product labeling.

Lower labor costs

One core benefit of making your labeling process automated is that it helps cut down the cost of labor. Some labeling systems can achieve up to 20 labels each minute, equating to labeling one package in three seconds. Human workers can’t easily achieve this level of speed and accuracy.

Positioning accuracy

Automatic apply, and print systems help cut down errors that may arise from incorrectly placed labels. Most warehouses clearly describe where and how they want cases they receive to be labeled. In the case of someone who applies, labels to packages, you should know they are susceptible to errors.

Fewer errors 

The leading cause of errors in the order fulfillment sector is human errors. Automating the labeling process will eliminate the leading cause of the error. The scan verification feature helps place the label in suitable packages, causing better accuracy.

The benefits of using an automated print and apply labeling system are numerous. Still, if you want to get the most out of it, you should get it integrated into your facilities. This will ensure that orders get fed into your system quickly and efficiently.

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