A Complete Guide Of Ui Ux Courses

UI Design:

UI Design or User Interface Design is concerned with how the end user navigates through a digital product, thereby using product interface to convey a brand’s strength. With an objective to ensure consumer convenience and an unsurpassed user experience, a User Interface (UI) designer builds Graphical User Interface or Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface.He works on the visual styling; aesthetics of a product, app, website or video games-how icons & buttons are designed and arranged on a screen, the look of the screens, typography, images, colour schemes, interface animations, transitions and any other micro interactions that the end user will interact with so as to hook the consumer. Through these design choices only, end users identify what items need to be tapped or swiped or clicked; basically recognize “call to action”.

UX Design:

User Experience Design or UX Design is concerned with end users complete journey with product,website and web application, from start to end. It entails understanding of the target audience, their wants, needs and preferences and in accordance creating smooth, convenient, efficient, pleasant, logical and intuitive user experience.  UX designer is responsible in enhancing the usability, accessibility and user pleasure, thereby accruing consumer loyalty and building brand perception.  Additionally, UX designer is involved with competitive analysis, wire-framing and prototyping, information architecture, testing as well as collaborating with stakeholders including  UI designers&developers etc. so as to ensure a positive user experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The students opting to learn about UI/UX courses must have passed their 12th class in any discipline from a recognised board.
  • For post graduation, students must have gained their graduation degree or diploma from a recognised university with atleast 50% marks.

Essential Skill-set requirement:

  • Research & Analytical Skills
  • Skills to craft wireframes and prototypes
  • Visual Communication Skills
  • Coding &Information Architecture Skills to ensure structured, labeled and organized content

How to become certified in UI/UX designer?

There are many colleges offering courses in UI/UX design, so in order to learn more about UI/UX courses, you must identify the ideal college that will:

  • The college must ensure that the students are motivated to work with new technologies like IOT, interactive screens besides visual design, systems thinking etc. while being equipped with an understanding about creating wireframes on invision, high fidelity on XD, Figma etc.
  • The curriculum must offerproficiency in design software such as Corel Draw, Adobe illustrator &Photoshop, InDesign, etc. in addition to the certification.
  • The college must equip students with competency in web programming languages like PHP, XML, HTML, CSS & Java.
  • The college must inspire cognitive thinking in addition to being mentored to solve complex issues and tackling problems.
  • The college must offer extensive exposure to students through participation in competitions, internships, handling live projects along with gaining of wisdom through interaction with industry experts.
  • The college must offer certification that is recognised not only in India but globally as well.
  • The college must offer proficiencies to students in use of transformative technologies to conceptualize creative solutions.

So join now to not only learn more about uiux courses but also gain expertise in it.

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