9 Powerful Features Of Soundcloud That You Should Know

Soundcloud is an online music-sharing platform, and several artists may share and upload their music. People can search for their favorite podcasts and music and listen on the platform. 

In addition, not only one specific country’s artists but also artists from all around the world have their profiles on Soundcloud, and they upload their audio tracks.

 In addition, Soundcloud makes things easy for new artists who have just started their careers; they can upload their music on it. Some new artists buy Soundcloud likes in order to attract more audience so that users visit their profile to listen to their songs and if they love the music so they can comment on the song. Soundcloud has top-notch features that make its users’ experience better. 

Personalized music playlist

Soundcloud allows people to create their own music library where they can keep their favorite songs and listen to them anytime. In addition, the best thing is that people can make different music playlist modes that they can use for various tasks, for example;

  • One can create a library specifically for gym 
  • Library for long-drive songs
  • Motivation songs playlist while feeling low
  • Soft songs list while reading a novel
  • Music for feel relax

People can also share their personal playlists and new release songs with their friends or loved ones so that they can also enjoy them. 

Share music on social media

Soundcloud gives the opportunity to its audience to share their favorite songs on different social media platforms with their colleagues, family, friends, and loved ones.

 Usually, we listen to a song, and if the music is great so, we want to share it with our close ones; not all music websites offer it, but Soundcloud provides this feature. Moreover, people can share the audio track with only one click. 

Provide online and offline access

Soundcloud offers the audience access to both online and offline music. However, almost all music companies offer online access, but people can listen to the songs offline. Therefore, it is best for those who don’t want any interruption while listing to the music. 

Folks can download their favorite songs or save them and listen when they want. In addition, if one plans for a trip where the internet is not available can download the songs where Wi-Fi is available and download a lot of songs. Another great thing is that there are no ads if music is in offline mode, and people can enjoy it without any distribution. 

Music discovery

Individuals may find unique and fantastic music on Soundcloud that is usually not available anywhere. In addition, by clicking the search options, one may find any kind of music they want to listen to. 

Some artists buy SC likes in order to add more people to them. If you like any artist’s music album on this platform so their upcoming audio track will come in your suggestion, and you can listen without even searching. 


The podcast feature was launched in 2011 by a private company, but now people can use this option on Soundcloud. Frankly spiking, it is one of the best platforms to upload podcasts. Initially, one can start the podcast free of cost, and if people like it and the podcast hits on the platform, so the creator needs to buy more storage.

 A podcast is ideal for those with lots of talent, but due to their shyness, they can’t face the camera, so Soundcloud allows them to show their tallest without facing the camera. 

 Artists may get almost 6 hours to share audio every month by paying a fee of $55 per year. But on the other hand, if one wants unlimited podcast hosting so, they have to pay $135 every year.


If you usually access the songs on Soundcloud, it gives recommendations to people on the basis of songs that people have already listened to in the past. The tracks will show the same artists they follow and love their songs on their feed.


Suppose users want to make any music, artist, and track as their favorites, so Soundcloud allow them to do. It is best for people because they don’t need to search for their favorite songs or tracks every time. Therefore, the favorite collection is perfect for every user. 


The reposting feature is just like the re-tweets option of twitter. People can be community members of Soundcloud, no matter if they share the content or not. In addition, it will be beneficial for the algorithm of the company to find the best track for the audience according to their taste. 

Notifications and updates

The developers of Soundcloud always try every possible way to keep their users updated about any information. For example, if there is any new podcast or music streaming on the platform so the platform will notify you so that its users can attend the updated audio events.

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