7 Unforgettable Things to Do in Frederick, Maryland


Frederick is a historically and culturally rich town in Maryland with significant roots. Whether you’re passing through or making a trip just to explore the town, we’ve rounded up the things you need to do on your visit.

What to Know About Frederick

Before diving into what to do in Frederick, it’s important to understand a few key characteristics of the town. Frederick, though a smaller town compared to its local counterparts, is still located in the Baltimore-Washington metro area.

The town is part of Frederick County and is nearby to everything, including the Chesapeake Bay, major airports, and more. Prior to being the hub it is today, Frederick was not too far from the first European settlement.

1. War Correspondents Memorial Arch

Located at Gathland State Park in Jefferson, this memorial is worth a visit for all those looking to honor war heroes and history.


Crafted by and for journalists who died in the war, this statement piece allows onlookers to distinctly honor the journalists who have passed as a result of combat. This is a great way to pay respects to additional war heroes who dedicated their lives to a worthy cause.

2. Retrace Historical Figure’s Steps

.Frederick has long been a significant gathering place for important figures. In fact, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and important figures like Winston Churchhill and Benjamin Franklin were all in Frederick County once upon a time.

Some have reached their final resting point within the city or country limits, including Francis Scott Key, who wrote America’s National Anthem.

3. Gambrill State Park

The town is home to many outdoor recreation options, including some located nearby. If you’re looking to get out (and the weather calls for it), head out for one of the many outdoor activities like Gambrill State Park.

At Gambrill, experience excellent hiking, biking, and horse trails to take advantage of. Depending on the season, you may even be able to set up camp and enjoy days of extended fun complete with picnics, historical markers, and more!

4. National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park

Frederick is known for preserving and remembering the past, which includes the memorial park honoring those who sacrificed their lives.

At the memorial, visitors can find a large Maltese cross, an engraved plaque, and an eternal flame for firefighters and preserving their spirits.

If you’re looking to honor America’s heroes, the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park can be a great choice while visiting Frederick.

5. Monocacy National Battlefield

History buffs can relish in the many glimpses of the past available in Frederick. One of which is the Monocacy National Battlefield in 1864, in which the Civil War continued and Federal soldiers fought against the Confederacy.

This was to prevent the Confederacy from seizing D.C. and take control of the 1864 election. They did not succeed. However, the battle would be marked by days of fighting alone on the Monocacy River banks.

6. Potomac River

A nearby day trip when visiting Frederick is coasting down the Potomac River. While the Monocacy River may be closer, the Potomac has amazing views and shouldn’t be skipped when venturing out to Frederick!

You can begin in Brunswick and sail down to the Point of Rocks Boat Ramp. Along the way, you’ll experience epic views and just the relaxing experience of taking a load off after days of walking and sightseeing.

For an extra peaceful experience, be sure to take advantage of Maryland’s medical marijuana policy. Check out more information at Veriheal.

7. Take a Road Trip

If you’re looking to pack everything into a short time of adventuring, a road trip can be the perfect solution. Frederick’s official tourism site, Visit Frederick, has a breakdown of road trips based on your unique interests.

Whether you want a foodie road trip, historical, or relaxing one, you can find it in Frederick. Plus, the preplanned outlines at Visit Frederick make the planning burden non-existent – you can’t beat that! P.S. We objectively recommend the foodie road trip.


Frederick is a destination worth adding to your bucket list if you’re interested in history, nature, or culture. From enjoyable outdoor rec to knowledge-based tours around the city, a trip to Frederick and nearby will be well worth your time!

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