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7 Steps to Find the Right Basin for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Covid-19 has been around for a while now. Meanwhile, studies show that 87% of the population made an effort to renovate their bathrooms in 2020, when the pandemic first hit the world. And one among these renovations is the bathroom renovation, or specifically, changes with the bathroom basin. As such, the good news is, you have an endless number of options to choose from when it comes to affordable bathroom basins, but this can be a little overwhelming.

However, if you are clear on what type of bathroom basin you want, the task of choosing one becomes as easy as a breeze. And the best way to know which basin you want for your bathroom is by following the seven steps listed below. So, let’s get started!

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1. Identify the Use and Function

First things first! Before you settle on anything else, spend some time deciding what the basin’s use is. If you are using a basin occasionally, you can opt for the heavy, expensive ones. But if you want a basin that you will use almost every day, you need to pick one light and flexible.

2. Choose a Design

Now that you have identified the primary use of the bathroom basin, it is time for you to settle on a type of basin as well. So, if you want a clean, minimal, and simple basin in appearance, you can consider buying an under-the-counter type of basin with no edges. Whereas, if you want something more modern, you can choose a vessel-type basin that is installed on top of the counter.

3. Decide How Many Basins You Need

If you live in a big family, you might want to install more than just one basin. For example, other than mounting a basin in your room’s bathroom, install one in your kids’ bathroom as well. In this case, using an under-the-counter type of basin is best recommended as they give the bathroom a clean look without any visible edges. Meanwhile, if you do not live in a packed house, you can opt for something fancier.

4. Be Smart About Your Spaces

If your bathroom lacks abundant floor space, be wise and opt for semi-countertop basins, as these provide you with large basins while preserving your bathroom’s floor space. You can also consider choosing wall-mounted basins as they create an illusion to make your bathroom look bigger than it is. Make sure you also have the right amount of storage space, especially if the space in your bathroom is limited.

5. Utilise the Corners

If your bathroom lacks a vast space, you need to utilise every nook and cranny. Therefore, consider purchasing corner sinks and basins to fit them comfortably into corners to save space. Moreover, they also come in wall-mount and pedestal options so you can personalise your bathroom the way you want it!

6. Be Consistent

Many affordable bathroom basins come in different types and are made with various materials and colours. And if you want to maintain a uniform colour in your bathroom, always purchase basins from the same brand.

7. Use Professional Help

If you are still feeling lost on which is the best bathroom basin for you, reach out to an expert interior designer to get their thoughts on your situation. This way, they will be able to guide you better.

The best way to improve a home’s appearance and value is by doing a minor renovation now and then to refresh its style. And the best place to start is your bathroom’s basin. While there are plenty of impressive options for affordable bathroom basins, you still need to take some time to recognise which is the best design for you. This way, you can renovate your home just the way you like it!

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