6 Professional Business Services That Can Help Protect Your Privacy

Can you guess the scale of user data stolen in 2021? Are you thinking in terms of thousands or hundreds of thousands? Are you pessimistic enough to imagine figures in the millions?

Shockingly, it’s far more than any of those numbers. 5.9 billion records, to be exact. So don’t underestimate the risk to your business or employees. You must take data privacy seriously.

Read on to learn about six professional business services you can use to help protect privacy at work.

  1. Legal Services for a Written Privacy Policy 

An up-to-date privacy policy is a business necessity as it will give you some legal protection in the case of data breaches.

Typically privacy policies will contain rules about what data you store and what information your employees can store and share. It will explain how to properly secure that data both as an employer and an employee.

  1. Paper Shredding Services 

You might think your business doesn’t have much sensitive information stored on paper. However, employees often make printouts to aid in meetings and day-to-day activities.

That might be commercially sensitive or contain personal information on your staff (for example, names and job roles).

You want to have a system for shredding any information, like that provided by The Shredders. That will alleviate the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

  1. Secure Systems for Employee Personal Data 

Your HR team will have lots of sensitive data on your employees. That will include name, telephone number, job role, home address, medical information, emergency contact information, and salary.

It will also include job-related information such as performance reviews and disciplinary action. Always keep this stored in a secure system online and limit who has access to it.

  1. Security Consultancy for Passwords

Your employees will probably have devices such as phones and laptops that they’ll take out of your secure office building.

In those circumstances, you’ll want to hire business help to ensure they have strict password protection in case they lose their device.

That includes having password rules in your privacy policy (such as a minimum number of characters and regularly updating the password).

  1. Internet Monitoring Systems  

Your employees might want to use their lunch hour to browse social media and book a vacation. But consider the potential security risks of allowing unlimited internet use in your office.

It could potentially leave you exposed to hacks and data breaches. When protecting your business, ensure you have antivirus protection and limit personal use.

  1. VPN Setup Services 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure remote data connection. When employees work from home and need to access internal systems that hold sensitive data, ensure you have a VPN in place for them.

Upgrade Your Security With These Professional Business Services 

Is your security as stringent as it could be in your organization? If you’re unsure, it’s probably time to consider some of these six professional business services to help protect your employees’ data.

For more security tips, head to our technology section to learn about the latest privacy software and tools.

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