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5 Tips in Buying Wholesale Diamonds Near Plano

Wholesale diamonds are the best choice if you plan to buy a diamond. They are more affordable and of high quality. Get your money’s worth by opting for wholesale diamond rings near Plano or any other kind of jewelry. Take advantage of being able to buy a diamond despite the quantity, since most wholesale stores sell at a power price by bulk, bit for diamonds most wholesale diamond dealer sells to individuals. 

Tips in Buying Wholesale Diamonds

Compare The Price

Comparing prices of different wholesale diamonds from different stores can make you determine who offers the best. To be more knowledgeable about the pricing of diamonds check on the online average price so you can have a basis if the prices offered to you are right. Go for stores that sell diamonds at the average pricing since wholesale diamond dealers are governed by Rapaport report for their prices, this means they have standard pricing to follow and honest diamond sellers may even show you the right pricing. 

Choose A Reliable Quality Wholesale Diamond Dealer

Choosing the right diamond dealer will lead you to the right diamond as well. So do your research and deal with reputable diamond dealers who are honest with their clients and who have positive feedback from their previous clients. You can also ask for recommendations from people you know, so can get a first-hand opinion about the diamond dealer and their diamonds as well. 

Know The 4cs

The 4cs are the basis of how diamonds are graded. Getting familiar with the 4cs can help you know if the diamonds being offered to you have the right features, getting to know the 4cs can also help you determine what specific diamond would you want to buy. In that way, shopping will be easier for you since you will be presented with a wide variety of diamonds and you will spend more time picking one form of those beautiful diamonds, so better know the exact diamond you want. Here are what to consider on the 4cs:

  • Color 

The colorless diamonds are the best choice and the highest grade but they are pricy and rare, therefore the next grade categorized under grade G to I are the nearly colorless diamonds that are a perfect replacement for colorless ones. They can be as colorless and have no visible yellow tint. 

  • Clarity

Natural diamonds without a flaw are rare and pricey too. So choose diamonds that have lesser inclusions instead, inclusion is how they refer to diamonds’ flaws. VS1 and SI2 can be a good choice since they may have inclusions but are not visible to the naked eye. As long as the inclusions don’t affect the entire quality of the diamond then it’s good enough, if you can get the highest clarity grade the better.

  • Carats 

Decide on how many carats would you want your diamond to be. Just remember that diamonds are priced per carat so set a budget for the carat you want. 

  • Cut

Get an excellent cut diamond so you can make sure of the durability of your diamond. Poorly cut diamonds can be prone to breaking and chipping. Investing in a good diamond cut can make your diamond last long.

Aim Higher Value For Quality Diamonds

Buying diamonds can be a good investment if you know which diamond to buy. Buy diamonds that are of high value so you can retain their value over the years, and put a good budget so you can get the highest grades you can get when buying a diamond. 

Check On The Certification

Certification can prove the authenticity of the diamond. So make sure to buy from stores that have certification for their diamonds, so you can be assured of its authenticity. Another thing to consider when checking in the certificate is to one who evaluated the diamonds. There are only a few legit diamond evaluators and the two most popular are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American gem Society (AGS). If the diamond dealer is partnered with this institution then you are 100% sure that the diamond you are buying is authentic. 

Follow these 5 tips in buying wholesale diamonds near Plano and you will surely get the best among the offers you will be given. 

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