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5 Reasons You Need GPS Tracking Devices for Your Fleet

Experts predict the GPS tracker market will reach an eye-watering $5.36 billion by 2030, highlighting the incredible demand for this technology.

Yet, why should you use GPS tracking devices to help manage your fleet? You may already have an efficient method of running your vehicles and be reluctant to change a successful system.

Although this is understandable, there are five excellent ways in which a GPS fleet management system can help increase your business’s productivity levels and boost profits.

Read on to learn more.

  1. Improved Route Planning

Many GPS tracking systems come with route planning capabilities. This allows you to input a vehicle’s current location and destination, and the software will map out the fastest journey route.

By utilizing this feature, fleet managers can shave hours of manual planning time off their weekly schedules.

  1. Lower Fuel Costs

A top-class GPS fleet tracking device can monitor a vehicle’s fuel usage. You can then determine if your drivers are using more fuel than you would expect.

Providing your fuel-hungry drivers with additional training could help you significantly reduce your average fuel spend.

  1. Higher Customer Service Levels

One of the most underrated benefits of using a tracking device is that you can raise your company’s customer service levels. For example, should a client phone to ask where their order is, you can look up your GPS system and see where a delivery vehicle is located in real-time.

The tracking software will also give you an estimated time of arrival, allowing you to give your customers a specified timeframe of when to expect their delivery.

  1. Enhanced Fleet Security

When you install an asset tracking software device, you can check on your vehicle’s whereabouts at all times. It’s also possible to set the system to send alerts should a vehicle’s ignition be turned on, or if it moves outside of a specified geographical area.

To discourage criminals from stealing your vehicles, you could place stickers in visible locations advising there are tracking devices on your cars, vans, or trucks.

  1. Reduced Vehicle Maintainance Costs

A GPS tracker can provide reports on a vehicle’s mileage and send alerts when it is time for the next service. This means you can easily manage your fleet maintenance requirements and keep your vehicles in the best possible condition.

This is an important safety feature that can also save your business money.

Improve Your Business Processes Using GPS Tracking Devices

If you have even a small number of business vehicles, using GPS tracking devices could positively transform your fleet’s performance levels. Not only can you ensure your vehicles take the most direct routes on every journey, but you can also reduce your fuel and maintenance costs. Customers can also benefit from your company’s increased efficiencies and your trackers may deter thieves from targeting your vehicles.

These benefits can lead to GPS tracking devices paying for themselves many times over.

Before you rush off to buy GPS fleet trackers for your vehicles, check out more of our technology articles.

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