5 Load-Carrying Equipment for Industries and Warehouses

In every industry, moving around and handling heavy items is a must. But depending solely on human effort is not feasible, as it is inefficient for the company and dangerous for the workers. Meanwhile, advancements in technology have introduced many types of equipment like electric hoists to avoid this problem.

This equipment uses electric or hydraulic energy to assist in moving heavy loads. Similarly, several types of equipment are available for the linear and vertical movement of loads. And using the right one for a particular purpose will increase efficiency and effectiveness. But, it is a must to check factors like type, the material of make, load-carrying capacity, etc., before selection.

  1. Load Skates

Linear movement of heavy loads is inevitable in warehouses, as it requires a lot of energy and workforce to accomplish. But with suitable equipment, this difficulty can be reduced effectively. One such piece of equipment is the load skate, and these are used to move large machinery of heavyweight. As per requirement, different capacity load skates are available in the market. They are slightly different from one another in design also. So it is easy to find one that is suitable for any purpose.

Usually, the heavy item is placed over the skate after jacking up with hydraulic jacks, and it needs to be put on four corners of the machine. And in some cases, the number of skates can increase as per the weight of the machinery. This setup allows the workers to move the machinery with reduced effort.

  • Hoists

Loading, unloading, and pulling up materials are a few processes in every industry. The items may be light or heavy, and also the number and size of the items can vary. As such, different types of hoists are used for such works.

In the past, manual hoists were used to pull up, but they required more effort and manual labour. Meanwhile, the electric hoists use electric motors to pull up, and this feature effectively reduces the workforce and time. These hoists are of different types with varying motor capacity and installation methods. This wide range of selection makes it easy to select the right one for the purpose. Meanwhile, the load-carrying power has to be chosen correctly for the proper working of the machine.

  • Barrel handlers

Several materials used in industries come inside barrels. The weight and design of the barrel change as per the material inside, and it requires multiple workers to handle each barrel safely. But, this problem reduces the efficiency of the industry, and using a barrel handler can effectively relieve this problem. This equipment allows a single person to move and handle a loaded barrel. And it is also helpful to reduce the dangers that occur during these processes.

  • Trolley

Trolleys are standard equipment in many warehouses and industries, and it allows the easy movement of small and medium-heavy items for long distances. Trolleys are of different types with different features for various purposes. As such, electric trolleys are now replacing manual trolleys, which are easy to use. The load-carrying capacity of the trolley changes in distinct models to accommodate materials as per requirement. Some trolleys also have lifting platforms to make the transfer easier.

  • Pallet Trucks

As with barrels, pallets are also used to transfer a wide range of materials. These pallets are stored in warehouses in racks for easy access. But not all pallets are easy to move due to their large size and higher weight, and pallet trucks allow easy movement of pallets of different sizes. They are available in different sizes and types to move various pallets. The load capacity also varies, making them suitable for diverse purposes. As such, the electric pallet trucks are the most modern types, as these pallet trucks have electric motors for making the transfer easy.

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