5 Factors When Choosing a Suitable Feet Management Tracking Platform

Fleet management has become incredibly essential today, and companies are fishing for the 3D tracking platforms they can find. Cost reduction and efficiency are now significant, and the need to control security with more reliable intelligence is becoming a norm. But, finding the best tracking platform isn’t always seamless as it seems, especially if you aren’t well-acquainted with what to consider. To help you out, here are the factors when choosing a suitable tracking platform for fleet management.

  1. Features and Measurable Variables

A proper tracking platform can always measure progress and offer empirical results on a vast array of fleet management parameters. Your ideal tracking platform should offer advanced driver behavior, DTC reporting, and Fuel management features. Besides, the better it’ll serve you and your clients if it can help with schedule optimization and fleet scheduling. Some tracking platforms also offer advanced driver behavior monitoring, including the miles traveled and idle time, keeping you in the loop.

  1. Control 

You need complete control of your tracking platform; if your provider doesn’t guarantee that, please don’t compromise. Your telematics issuer doesn’t have to be in control of your fleets but you; if so, it can significantly minimize efficiency. In Singapore, most telematics providers relinquish control to their partners, and you can get yourself one by visiting Such control helps you deal with delays and guarantee swift operations and fleet management.

  1. Support 

A telematics partner who lets you completely control your tracking platform is ideal, but those who support you are even better. Some tracking platforms with complex user interfaces and navigation can be challenging. A little training and acquaintance can come in handy to help you familiarize yourself better. That allows you to serve your clients more efficiently and rapidly while quickly responding to their queries.

  1. Branding

Some tracking platforms maintain stringent copyright guidelines that you must adhere to. That means you don’t have legal authority or right to rebrand for your clients or fleets, even as a partner. Doing otherwise may constitute a violation, and your telematics provider has the moral and legal right to take you for a legal battle for copyright or license terms infringement. Therefore, work with a partner who always lets you brand your platform to suit your clients’ unique needs.

  1. Flexibility for using the platform anywhere

Sometimes, your fleet or clients’ may need to cross borders, and they may need your telematics GPS tracking and services. Therefore, before choosing a tracking platform, please do your due diligence. Be open to asking questions about their geographical operation limits, the languages they offer, and whether or not they operate globally. If so, it means that you can work with clients in a more expansive setting, which works best for you and your clients. 


Choosing a proficient tracking platform is more straightforward if you understand your needs. Remember, not all platforms are similar but vary, and so do your issuers. Always find tracking platforms that allow for flexibility, non-existent copyright restrictions, and control. That way, it’ll give the freedom to use and serve your clients’ unique needs satisfactorily.

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