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4 Tips for Decorating Your New Garden

Gardens have become prevalent over the years. Today, you can find modern gardens in urban spaces. Despite all the benefits a garden offers, many homeowners find it difficult to decorate the outdoor space. However, the task doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right additions, you can turn your space into one of your home’s most remarkable features. Keep in mind that there are a thousand and one ways to improve the aesthetic value of your green space. This article explores four tips for decorating your new garden.

1. Draw inspiration from your surroundings.

If you have a limited garden space, consider creating playful setups. You can draw inspiration from your neighborhood. Let’s say you just finished relocating to Washington, DC, the nation’s capital. As a D.C. resident, you can model your garden after any notable landmarks in the Washington D.C. area. This includes the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Capitol Hill, and Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

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Also, consider buying a new fence made of wrought iron, molded concrete, or whitewashed boards. An inexpensive way to design and construct the fence is to do it yourself. If you’re not a DIY-minded homeowner, you can hire a professional to handle the construction. Because fences help keep out pests and protect against water erosion and wind, they can certainly help to create a timeless effect.

2. Incorporate stylish and functional features.

With the addition of some functional features, you can achieve the ultimate backyard makeover and outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Keep in mind that it takes a lot more than a patio makeover to create your dream backyard. Consider creating a clear walkway using pavers, flagstone, or pea gravel that’ll run through your garden. You may decide to transform your outdoor area into a focal feature that can make your house feel like a new home. You can also incorporate a landscape or water feature.

Furthermore, adding a few outdoor chairs can help make your outdoor space more functional. Place chairs at strategic points throughout the garden with a central sitting area. Try to invest in durable pieces of furniture that can withstand direct exposure to sunlight, harsh temperatures, and extreme weather conditions. Also, consider buying a natural preemergent product to curtail the growth of weeds. Whatever backyard makeover idea you choose, ensure it suits your taste and personality.

3. Upgrade your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is a viable alternative to traditional landscape lighting. With an outdoor lighting fixture, you can brighten up your walkway as it gets dark. Think about hanging oriental paper lanterns or multicolored string lights. Some homeowners prefer setting up soft-glowing spotlights that bring attention to the impressive floral arrangements or sculptures in their gardens. Take the initiative and come up with creative concepts. Keep a watchful eye out if you are using real candles to light up your backyard area, as they could pose a significant fire risk.

4. Keep your decorations minimal.

Generally speaking, most people decorate their new gardens to accentuate the natural beauty of their green space. The plants and flowers in your garden should be the main attraction. Many interior decor experts recommend keeping decorations minimal to keep the focus on the plants and flowers. Juggling too many disconnected decorative ideas can prove to be counterproductive. In contrast, make do with simple yet elegant touches. Remember, you and your flowering plants should have enough room to breathe.

As a rule, begin your decoration conservatively and work your way up from there. Strive to tie the entire outdoor space together organically. The key takeaway is that an overabundance of ornamental accessories, furniture, and decorative items can leave your garden looking cluttered.

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