3 Fun Additions for Your Home Office

Many people approach their home office in practical terms and focus on essential items, such as chairs and desks. They may also take steps to eliminate distractions by soundproofing the room.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have worked remotely. Although some offices are reopening, many people continue to work from home or divide their time between working on-site and working remotely. Consequently, you may want to think about going beyond the bare essentials and making your office an inviting space. Let’s look at some fun additions you could consider adding to your home office.

1. Sports Equipment

There are multiple types of dartboards on the market, including soft tip dartboards, steel tip dartboards, and electronic dartboards. You can also purchase dartboard cabinets and close the cabinet when you aren’t playing. Some cabinets have spaces for hanging dry erase boards, while others have room for storing darts and accessories. Playing darts develops your hand-eye coordination, and it can be a great way to give yourself a break during the day. Electronic dartboards keep score for you, enabling you to spend more time focusing on your aim than on arithmetic.

You could also add a treadmill to your office and use your treadmill during work breaks. You can get a folding treadmill you can store in a closet, but if you have space, you could opt for an elliptical, a stepper, or a rowing machine. You could opt for an in-home putting mat if you prefer low-impact sports. Cornhole and ladder ball may work in your office space as long as you aren’t throwing bean bags or bolas toward your computer or other electronic equipment.

2. Unconventional Furniture



Most people spend several hours per day sitting at their desks, but there’s no reason you can’t opt for a bicycle desk. Bike tables have built-in exercise bikes for two or three people. They’re an excellent option for promoting exercise during staff meetings. You can also use an under-desk bike that fits comfortably under standing desks and is an excellent way to stay active while you’re working. The under-desk bike’s adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about your legs being too long or short for it.

Sitting for prolonged periods increases your risk of severe health problems, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Opting for a standing desk is a great way to keep you on your feet throughout the day. You can also use a gaming chair when you need to sit down. Gaming chairs maximize your comfort and prevent back, wrist, and neck strain.

3. Personal Touches


Customizing your home office to suit your tastes is a great way to ensure you look forward to spending time in your office. Add colorful drapes and a comfortable sitting chair. Install bookshelves and devote shelves to personal items. Perhaps you collect Funko Pops or action figures. Maybe you love dragons and would enjoy adding a dragon clock and dragon bookends to a wall-mounted shelf.

Add photos or paintings to your office walls. Your wall art offers something inspiring or amusing to look at during the day when you’re thinking about a work issue. You may also enjoy adding wind chimes to your office because they provide a soft background sound that can be more pleasant than listening to your heater or air conditioner during the day. Adding plants is another great option because plants help combat stress and prevent workplace fatigue.

There are plenty of fun things you can add to your home office. Invest in sports equipment to keep active throughout the day, and choose a standing desk and other unconventional furniture, such as a gaming chair, to ensure your comfort while working. Opt for decor suited to your tastes to ensure you look forward to spending time in your office space.

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